101+ Best Instagram captions for your feed

One of the most loved new-age apps, Instagram has become an absolute favourite of Gen Z and Millenials. It's primarily a photo and video sharing app/site launched in the year 2010. A caption is a 2-3 lined text which is used to elaborate the photo or video that has been shared. Quite often these Instagram captions do wonders to your post and are just like icing on the cake.

But finding that perfect Instagram caption ain't an easy task. One has to scroll through different sources prior to finding a caption that is perfect and best suits the photo you wish to upload. Uploading photos on Instagram is not just confined to your own photos, there are numerous photography pages of different genres and with the new social media marketing boom, several businesses such as home decor businesses, clothing businesses have also come online as digital presence of any brand these days is just the need of the hour.


So, If you are looking for some short and good insta captions, here is a list:


Some Out of the box Insta captions :

  • "And half of the universe goes unnoticed"
  • "The sky constitutes half of the visual field, but mostly we keep our eyes lowered'
  • "No impersonation intended"
  • "Be kind, it's a gangsta”
  • " Aesthetic with an artistic ardor"
  • "Getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearance"
  • "An array of dreams distorted in time"
  • "As ordinary as it all appears"
  • "Epic proportions"
  • “Life is like a mountain,hard to climb but worth the view from the top”
  • “I’ll admit,I’m a lil camera shy”
  • “My love was tragic”
  • “ As ordinary as it all appears”
  • “Just bEER with it”
  • “White delight”
  • “Stand strong”
  • “You are your own competition”
  • “ You are perfect”


Some Instagram Captions for Boys:

  • “Mind yo neck”
  • “Dope”
  • “G.O.A.T”
  • "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"
  • "Suspended are you like the fragrance of the soul"
  • " World going one way, people another"
  • "I'll be a dreamer till the day I die"
  • "A lid for every pot"
  • "Go with the flaw"
  • "Soul over ego"
  • "A dreaming glimpse of peace"
  • "An alibi for a fetish"
  • “Prolific soporific”
  • “My name gon hol up”
  • “You gotta know I’m feelin’ love”
  • “ A great man is strong because he is gentle”
  • “Walk like a king”
  • “ Men and women complete each other”

Some Instagram Captions for Surprise Gift :

  • "Sometimes unexpected gifts are worth more than expected surprises"
  • " Life is a voucher of surprises"
  • "Unplanned things are the best because planned ones rarely happen"
  • "The biggest surprise of a day is the day itself"
  • " If you're wise, you'll prepare for a surprise"
  • "The gourmet's delight"
  • " The wise go for surprise”
  • “The hidden treasure brings the most joy just like hidden pleasures”
  • “The bliss you miss”
  • “Astonishment is the best adornment”
  • “Be Kind”
  • “Spread positivity”
  • “Dream Big”
  • “You are the best surprise that could happen to me”
  • “You’re beautiful just the way you are”
  • “Simplicity”
  • “Super surprise”
  • “Your surprise is me”

Some Instagram Captions for girls:

  • ”Carve thy destiny”
  • “Bewildered wondering, loving, rewinding”
  • “Never say never”
  • “Slay it”
  • “You go girl
  • “So feminine with grace”
  • “Embrace womanhood”
  • “Women rule”
  • “Be the change rather than hoping for it”
  • “It is the far rest than I go to than I have ever known”
  • “Karma rules”
  • “I like proving niggas wrong when they say I can’t”
  • “Nothing is impossible”
  • “Less Mondays more Fridays”
  • “Candid”
  • “There is no sense of its boundaries, where it ends or begins”
  • “Made of gold i’ve never loved ”
  • “Who’s gonna stop me?”
  • “Shining’ like a diamond”
  • “New clues to an old mystery”


Some Instagram Captions for gift-giving :

  • “Of all the gifts big or small, friendship is greatest of all”
  • “Don't let anyone dull your sparkle”
  • “Shining star”
  • “A gift for a lift”
  • “ keep your mental floor strong”
  • “ A token of love”
  • “Smile yo’ heart out”
  • “Pretty witty”
  • “Smart tart”
  • “ Present my present with a present”
  • “Preen the sheen”
  • “Credit the quote if you can!”
  • “Love the giver more than the gift”
  • “ Life is a gift, love opens it up”
  • “Greatest gift of life is friendship”
  • “ Every moment is a fresh beginning”
  • “ Shine at nine”
  • " Festive fervour"

 Some Insta captions for wishes:

  • "I should have a pen of silver dipped in honey to express my regards for you"
  • " They say experience is the best teacher, but for me being with you is the best experience"
  • " Wishing many more joyful and jubilant years ahead"
  • " Tons of best wishes for your bright future! "
  • " Rooting for you , always"
  • " May all your aspirations come true"
  • " May you get success worth your endeavours"
  • " May thee scintillate in the darkness of ignorance and be a pathfinder for thy followers"
  • " Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached"



Words always work well. They touch the heart and make communication easy. A gift without a message doesn’t speak. In the same way, captions speak your feelings. Use these captions and add the magic to your life.

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