Gifting is a selfless gesture and an act of gratitude and affection towards your near and dear ones. It strengthens your bonds and relationships through tangible and meaningful things. When it comes to gifting, it is the thought that counts the most. And It doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality of the presents. If you’re on a strict budget, don’t worry! We have a list of 6 unique and super affordable presents on a budget that you can get for your loved ones and make their day!!

1. Plush Panda Pouch

 Plush Panda Pouch

Price: 160/-
Who doesn’t like Pandas? This Plush Panda Pouch is made for anyone who resonates with these nimble and majestic creatures. Available in hues such as purple, blue, and pink, these soft furry panda pouches are a must-have for every animal lover. They serve as an excellent present and can be used to store coins, keys, or small cosmetics. Simply keep them in your purse or flaunt them as they are!!


2. Fruit Manicure Kit

Manicure kit

Price: 325/-
This is an excellent present idea for your loved ones who love getting manicures regularly. These Fruit Manicure Kits come in different designs such as blueberry, watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple. They come with 1 small scissor, nail cutter, cuticle nail cutter, nail filer, tweezer, cuticle remover, and dirt remover. Thus, they are a perfect present for a manicure and pedicure freak, thanks to their lightweight and compact nature.


3. Furry Kitty Sling and Backpack

Furry Kitty sling and Backpack    Furry Kitty Sling and backpack

Price: 599/-
This one is for your friends and family obsessed with cute sling bags. These Furry Kitty slings and Backpacks can be used as long sling bags, or convenient small backpacks. They come in a variety of colors such as beige, lemon yellow, red, brown, black, pink, grey, and white. Made with high-quality plush, they’re one of the most unique present ideas and gifts as they go with any outfit due to their versatile nature!!


4. Groot Bobblehead

Groot Bobble head

Price: 499/-
We are Groot! If you have a Guardians of the Galaxy fan in your friend or family circle, this is just the perfect present for them. This adorable and cute Groot bobblehead can be used in the car or at the workstation, always motivating and urging your loved ones to do better. With a front tray that doubles up as a mobile holder, this unique bobblehead is sure to light up their day. The best part? It is super affordable and budget-friendly, and hence, is an excellent option for a present on a budget.


5. Glitter Gel Mouse Pads

Silicon Gel Mouse Pad

Price: 275/-
This one is for your friends or family members who are always on their laptops or computers! Gift them these Glitter Gel Mouse Pads that add an element of fun when they’re working from home. Their quirky designs are available in several colors and variants such as off white flamingo, pink-unicorn, blue-unicorn, green- flamingo. They also come in two different shapes: round and square. These Glitter Gel Mouse Pads are destined to impress your techie friends and is one of the most important Work from home essential!!

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