5 Ways To Help Your Child Beat Exam Stress

Stress was primarily associated with ageing, but as the world changes so rapidly, it is now evident in even middle school kids. They are not just under pressure to perform well in school, but they are involved in a variety of other activities as well, to avoid feeling left behind by other children. And, certainly, this competitive mindset is the leading cause of stress in children these days. But, absolutely, exam stress is the most significant of all.

Exam Stress or Exam pressure is the heightened emotional and physical response students experience during preparation or exams These are shown as the signs of a rapid heartbeat, muscle tremble, headache, abdominal upset, and difficulty in sleeping. If left unchecked, it might cause anxiety and depression resulting in further psychological complications.

However, as the causes of stress increase, so do the solutions, which we'll discuss today. So, if you have exams near or youngsters at home who are dealing with exam stress, this blog will help you with many ways to manage stress during exams.

What Causes Exam Stress in Children?

Identify some of the primary reasons for exam stress in children.

  1. When children start school, they meet classmates who might be good at studies or learn quickly. This can make them doubt themselves and feel stressed.
  2. Many kids feel pressure from their parents to do well in exams. Parents expect a lot, and this can stress out the children.
  3. Some children find it hard to understand certain subjects or get scared of specific topics. They might even struggle to explain their problems, which can be stressful for them.
  4. Wanting to be the best in class or worrying too much about the future can also cause stress in children during exams. It puts extra pressure on them to do well and always be on top.

Tips to Reduce Exam Stress

Feeling overwhelmed with exam pressure? Take a breath and check out our top exam stress tips below to help you stay calm and focused during this challenging time.

1.    Prepare a Timetable

Coping with exam stress is relatively easy if you take charge of your time through smart planning. Creating a timetable helps you figure out what needs urgent attention and what can wait. Learning how to manage your time, activities, and commitments might be a bit tricky, but it makes your life easier and less stressful. Smart planning also makes you more productive and lets you finish your important work without too much hassle. Using a Rainbow Unicorn Notebook and a Maze Game Astronaut Gel Pen from Tinyminymo can make planning more fun. The colourful cover of the notebook attracts children, encouraging and reminding them to stick to their timetable, while the maze game inside the barrel helps reduce stress and adds excitement to writing notes. 

2.    Stay Positive

While dealing with exam stress the best way to deal with stress during an exam is to have a positive attitude. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, focus on what you can do better to succeed. Remind yourself of your strengths and past successes. Take breaks to relax and recharge, and try to stay optimistic about the outcome. Positive thinking can boost your confidence and help you stay calm and focused during exams. Being connected to a religion can also help children stay positive, offering them hope, comfort, and a strong sense of purpose. Our Shree Ram Bobblehead adds a charming religious aura to study space, spreading positivity and fostering a nurturing environment for growth and learning.

3.    Identify the Challenge and Resolve it

For every task that seems difficult, just break it down into smaller steps and try to find practical solutions. By addressing challenges head-on and working towards solutions, you not only reduce stress but also gain a sense of control and confidence. This approach makes exam preparation more manageable and less daunting and helps you coping with exam stress more positively. Use our vibrant highlighters to mark obstacles along the way. As you address each challenge head-on and work towards solutions, you can also enjoy victories by erasing the marks with their erasable features.

4.    Get a Better Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is the best tip to reduce stress during exams. Good sleep improves attention, memory retention, and cognitive function, leading to better performance during study sessions and exams. It also helps you keep a happy mood, resulting in a more effective and balanced approach to exam preparation. For better sleep, set up a calming bedroom atmosphere with our Lie in Peace Duck Night Light's warm glow. Its cute design helps you feel relaxed while also serving as a durable mobile holder, adding charm to your room.

5.    Celebrate Achievements

Celebrating achievements, big or small, is an effective stress-reduction tool for children dealing with exam stress. Celebrating accomplishments boosts confidence, provides positive reinforcement, and decreases stress. Marking study milestones, like conquering a tough chapter, breaks down goals, making preparation a bit simpler. This mindset fosters resilience and motivation, reducing stress intensity and promoting a healthier approach to academic challenges. Giving children their favourite treat or a small gift, such as Tinyminymo's Stretch the Neck Goose 3D Keychain, can boost their confidence and lift their spirits. Our keychain's stretchable neck also contributes to stress reduction with its stretchable gooseneck.


Exam stress is a prevalent issue among students, even at a young age, due to various pressures such as academic expectations and competitiveness. However, there are several effective ways to manage stress exams. By implementing our tips to reduce stress during exams, students can navigate through exam periods with greater ease and confidence.

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1.    How can I reduce exam anxiety?

You can reduce exam stress by following our 5 Ways To Help Your Child Beat Exam Stress guide.

2.    Is exam stress normal?

Yes, feeling stressed before exams is normal because many students worry about doing well, but it's important to find ways to cope and stay calm.

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