We all have that one person who is rare and stands out in their own way. Be it their humor, sense of style, or bubbly personality, an ‘unicorn’ is essentially someone who is unique, hard to come across, but impossible to miss! These outgoing, energetic, and smart people in your life deserve something as distinctive and quirky as them. Therefore, we have curated a budget-friendly list to help you celebrate the bright and colorful unicorns that will definitely make them cheery and full of glee!!

1.Mini Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Lamp   Unicorn Lamp

Price: 299/- 

Light up the world of the unicorn in your life by gifting them this adorable yet functional lamp. This Mini Unicorn Lamp comes in two bright colors - pink and mint green - and instantly lights up the room to make it vibrant and warmer. It is an unique addition that can completely elevate the look of any room, making it look more magical and beautiful, even when you turn the lights off!

2.Unicorn Manicure Kit

Unicorn Manicure Kit

Price: 325/- 

Pamper that unicorn friend with this luxurious yet affordable Unicorn Manicure Kit. This is one of the best present ideas to come across since it can be used by multiple people and is reusable too! Available in 4 bright colors - blue, green, pink, and grey - this Unicorn Manicure Kit will give their nails a perfect makeover. It comes with one pair of small scissors, nail cutter, cuticle nail cutter, nail filer, tweezer, cuticle remover, and dirt remover which are sure to make for a perfect gift!!

3. Plush Unicorn Slippers

Plush Unicorn Slippers    Plush Unicorn Slippers

Price: 950/-

Let your unicorn buddies feel like they’re walking on a cloud! These Plush Unicorn Slippers are the perfect present as the holiday season inches closer. Made to be super comfortable and soft, these slippers will pamper the feet and give them a relaxing experience. Additionally, they are designed to resemble cute unicorns adorned with a golden horn and colorful hair!!

4. Unicorn Eye Mask

Unicorn Eye Mask    Unicorn Eye Mask

Price: 399/-

Unicorns need their beauty sleep to look their best and remain energetic throughout the day. This Unicorn Eye Mask is the perfect holiday gift for the positive, energetic, and motivational person in your life. Available in two color combinations- pink and silver or white and gold- these soft and comfortable eye masks are guaranteed to help them get ample of sleep and sweet dreams!!

5. Unicorn Pocket Mirror

Unicorn Pocket Mirror     Unicorn Pocket Mirror

Price: 275/-

Unicorns tend to be extremely self-aware and love to look their best at all times. This Unicorn Pocket Mirror is the perfect gift for your favorite eccentric person. It is a gorgeous hand mirror that is compact and convenient to carry around, anytime and anywhere. The cute unicorns make it look chic yet charming, and make for the perfect gifts when you are on a budget!!

6. Plush Unicorn Charm

 Plush Unicorn Charm     Plush Unicorn Charm

Price: 450/-

A cheery personality deserves something that is charming, colorful and reflects their nature as well. Our Plush Unicorn Charm is the right fit for anyone eager to upgrade their bags and purses with this unique accessory. It is covered in bright and shiny sequins, which are also reversible. It is a fun and a creative fit for any kind of presents like secret Santa gifts, holiday gifts, and birthday gifts!!

Hope this article helps you pick the perfect present for the unicorn/unicorn lover in your life and make their life as magical and as dreamy as possible!!

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