7 Gifts for 7 Days of Valentine for Your Partner

Gifts for Valentine


Valentine's Day is all about love and red hearts that are blown through the air all around us. Nearly every couple in the world celebrates their love on this day with gifts, flowers, chocolates, and other goodies. 

Gift shops will be decked up in red masks as a build-up to this day, with the most timely and original Valentine's Day presents on show. After all, this is the one time of year when gift-giving becomes fashionable and Cupid takes a surge.

You can certainly adopt a lot of Valentine's Day gift ideas this year to make it the most unforgettable day of your romantic existence. Here, we'll go through some of the cutest Valentine's Day gift ideas and suggestions for 7 days of Valentine's that will fill your day with small beads of love.

1.   Rose Day

In many cultures, the rose is unquestionably an evocative and potent representation of love, and today is especially for those who are. Rose Day sets the tone for the week's celebration of love. Every year on February 7th, Rose Day is observed as the beginning of Valentine's Week festivities.

Gift Idea For Her on Rose Day

Love Marquee Light

Love Marquee Light

With this love marquee light, illuminate your date. This Marquee Light Would Make A Wonderful Valentine's Day Gift idea for her. It can be mounted on a wall and/or set up on a desk. It Fosters A Warm And Romantic Environment. Love Marquee Light Is Perfect For Parties, Homes, and More Because It Is Made Of Environmentally Friendly Material. It Is Just The Ideal Present For That Special Person!

Gift Idea For Him on Rose Day

Spiderman Pocket Watch Keychain

Spiderman Pocket Watch Keychain

If your partner is a Spiderman fan, then this year gift him this Spiderman pocket watch keychain along with a lovely rose. This Spiderman Pocket Watch Keychain is packaged in a lovely box and is the ideal valentines day gift idea for him. It may be given at any time, for any reason. These make a supreme gift for your partner as they come in very lovely box packing, making it an awesome rose day gift.

2. Propose Day

One of the best emotions, love makes life beautiful and provides you a reason to smile every day. It's crucial to communicate your feelings to someone you care about when you have feelings for them. And there may not be a greater day than proposal day to express your emotions to the person hiding behind your lovely grin. Propose Day is the second day of the well-known Valentine's Week, which is observed annually on February 8 by both couples and singles. The greatest time to propose to your crush with romantic flowers and eye-catching gifts is on this day for singles.

Gift Idea For Her on Propose Day

Heart Photo Clip String Light

Heart Photo Clip string light

These incredibly stunning and sophisticated Heart Photo Clip String Lights will give your girl's decor a whimsical touch. Put images of you and her and places that bring you joy and love all around you, and can be given in Valentine’s week.  These can often be used as decorations for parties, stages, weddings, bedrooms, night scenes, and other settings to create a cosy and enchanting ambience!

Gift Idea For Him on Propose Day

Body Builder Mug

Body builder mug

Valentine’s week is full of giving and receiving gifts. If your guy is a gym freak and loves his pre-workout coffee shot, this bodybuilder mug is the go product for you! Gift this mug and he will know how much you know about the things he loves and it will be useful to him as well.

3. Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a must have for romantic couples. Perhaps this explains why a whole day is devoted to chocolates during Valentine's Week, 9th February. It is actually intended to be one of the most treasured days of the week.

Gift Idea For Her on Chocolate Day

Sleeping Kitty Silicone Night Light

Sleeping Kitty Silicone Night Light

You always want her to think about you? Give her this cute sleeping kitty silicone night light so whenever she is up late eating her favourite chocolates and she looks on her side table and this cute little lamp will remind her of you!

Gift Idea For Him on Chocolate Day

Bulls Eye Ceramic Mug

Bulls eye ceramic mug

This cool Bullseye ceramic mug is the go-to gift for your guy if he is a hot chocolate and coffee lover. This can be a useful valentine’s idea for him. He will always think of you when he is having a cup of coffee in the morning, hot chocolate before bed!

4. Teddy Day

There is love in the air! And when Valentine's Week rolls around, you can practically see that. In the month of February, it's typical to see couples going hand in hand, showing their love and attempting to make the other feel special. Teddy Day falls on February 10, a day to pamper each other, to show how much softly and gently we care for you, partners gift soft toys to each other. Teddy bear charm not only creates the ideal romantic atmosphere but also makes your companion or loved one feel unique.

Gift Idea For Her on Teddy Day

Cute Cow Soft Toy

Cute cow soft toy

Gift this cute cow soft toy to your girl and see how happy it would make her, after growing up barbies and pooh soft toys gets too mainstream, gift her this unique cute cow soft toy this Valentine’s week and see how she will adore this cute cow soft toy.

Gift Idea For Him on Teddy Day

Harry Potter Bobblehead

Harry potter bobblehead

We have the ideal gift for all Harry Potter lovers: this adorably odd and eccentric Harry Potter Bobblehead, which would be a lovely and considerate present for all Potter fans everywhere. It is a "not to be missed" item with a sturdy base that is ideal for workplace and vehicle décor. To the joy of the fan, this figurine also functions as a mobile holder with a hidden tray in the base!

5. Promise Day

Valentine's Week is a highly busy week for lovers all around the world and is full of surprises, confessions, love, and promises. The fifth day of the week, which is recognised as Promise Day as part of the festivities, is a time to show your lover your love and affection and make the commitment to stay by their side forever. Make a vow that expresses your love for a friend or special someone. On February 11, known as Promise Day, couples make commitments to sacrificially love one another for the rest of their lives. Such passionate commitments and promises to one another help the partnership grow.

Gift Idea For Her on Promise Day

Heart Table Lamp

Heart Table lamp

With this charming Heart Lamp, you can add more love and romance to your bedroom or living area. It transforms your room in the nicest way possible and emits pleasant white light. This heart lamp has three brightness levels, so you may adjust it to your liking. You may simply keep it on your desk or nightstand, install it on the wall, or both. Ideal gift for women, it will leave any woman in amazement!

Gift Idea For Him on Promise Day

Love Neon Light

Love neon light

With this neon love light, you can add some extra doses of love and positivity to your bedroom or living area. It produces multicolor light and gives your room the best makeover. You could simply leave it on your desk or nightstand, mount it on the wall, or both.

6. Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine's Week, February 12, is recognised as Hug Day. Giving your loved ones a warm, soothing hug on this special day will help them temporarily forget about the challenges they are facing in life. A simple, tight hug is all it takes to convey your concern. Hugs are a great way to relieve stress and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. They also help to build relationships based on honesty and trust.

Gift Idea For Her on Hug Day

Heart Paper Clip

Heart Paper clip

With these charming Heart Paper Clips, you may attach short messages, documents, cropped photos, or accessories to your planner or scrapbook pages. These clips would also make excellent bookmarks. They come in eight distinct hues!

Gift Idea For Him on Hug Day

Astronaut Desk Lamp

Astronaut Desk Lamp

Gift this cutest astronaut desk lamp with a pencil holder and make your guy work desk interesting and aesthetic and most importantly this will help to keep the desk organised!

7. Kiss Day

Kiss Day is observed on February 13—the day before Valentine's Day. On this day, lovers kiss to declare their love. The finest method to show your loved ones how much you care about them is with a kiss during Valentine's Week.

Gift Idea For Her & Him on Kiss Day

Camera Couple Lamp

Camera Couple Lamp

This is probably the best gift idea as a kiss day present and can be given to both guy and gall. The most exquisite way to brighten up the little nooks of your home or space is with this Camera Couple light, which is a highly distinctive addition. It also works perfectly as a gift for your loved ones. The nightlight function of the lamp is its best quality. It is an adorable solution for all lovers and couples out there and is composed of high-quality materials!


Valentine's Day 14th February is mostly observed as a day of romantic affection amongst couples. However, it is observed as a day of showing love to family and friends in many parts of the world. To show their love, people exchange Valentine's Day cards, presents, and other items. Amaze your partner with cute Valentine’s day gifts.

Gift Idea For Her on Valentine’s Day

Premium Retro-Classical Wireless Speaker

Premium retro classical wireless speaker

The perfect gift to give your girl this valentine! This gorgeous speaker is the perfect way to express your love. Whenever she will listen to music it will always remind her of you, you two can also set up a picnic spot and listen to your favourite songs in this speaker.


Gift Idea For Him on Valentine’s Day

Heart Neon Light

Heart Neon Light

Show some love to your guy with this Heart Neon Light by TinyMinyMo. This LED powered light can be hanged or hooked in your space. Your love memories will be cherished with this glow up lamp.

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in a unique way. Skip the boundaries of contemporary gifts and express your feelings towards your partner with something unique and quirky. So, celebrate this Valentine’s week with these cute and amazing gift suggestions by TinyMinyMo. TinyMinyMo has curated unique gifts online for all the lovers out there. So, feel love is in the air!!

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