9 Ashtami Gift Ideas for Kanya Pujan during Navratri

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Every year, right before Navratri, when puja committees all over India are ready to show off the glitz of Durga Puja and Navratri, Indians start to look for Kanya Puja Gift Ideas. Kanya Puja is an auspicious festival where devotees worship young girls. The young girls symbolize divine feminine energy.

The act of Kanya Puja Gifts given to young girls is a gesture of respect and devotion. Indians appreciate their innocence and purity, the signs of divinity. Let’s find out the definition of Kanya Puja:

What is Kanya Puja?

Kanya Puja, also known as Kanjak Puja, is a Hindu festival. It revolves around worshipping the power and might of Goddess Durga. While Durga Puja is mostly popular in Eastern India, Navratri is celebrated all over Western India. It is a nine-day-long celebration of the divine feminine energy. It is the time when devotees worship the goddess over nine days and nights.

On the eighth day of Navratri, when Eastern India celebrates Ashtami, Western India celebrates Kanya Puja. In some places, it is celebrated on Navami. On this day, devotees worship prepubescent young girls in temples. Indians believe Goddess Durga emerges herself on the auspicious day of Ashtami in the form of young girls. 

The ritual includes but is not limited to washing the feet of these young girls, applying a tilak (a sacred mark) on their foreheads, offering them a traditional meal (puri, halwa, and chana), and presenting them with gifts. It is believed that the act of Kanya Puja invokes blessings from the divine.

Reaching the Puja location with bare hands is considered an unholy move. So whoever participates in this Puja takes something from them as a Gift. The Gift ideas for Kanya Puja vary heavily, but the Gifts must be suitable for young girls.

The Essence of Gift-giving in Kanya Puja

We are here to put a full stop to your confusion surrounding the significance of Kanya Puja Gifts. It is not about how pricey the gifts are; it’s about how useful the Gift ideas are for Kanjak in Navratri. The gifts are a sign of devotees’ gratitude for all the positivity in their lives. Devotees want to be blessed by the goddess Durga. So, by gifting these young girls, one is indirectly seeking blessings from the divine for happiness, prosperity, and protection.

Kanya Puja is a reminder of how pure children are. It is our responsibility to protect them from harm.

As we know the significance of gift-giving in Kanya Puja, let us explore some thoughtful and traditional gift ideas that you can consider for this auspicious occasion. These gifts show your respect for innocence and divine power.

Navratri Gift Ideas For Kanya Puja

Whatever Kanjak gift ideas you consider, remember that everything must suit the taste of a young girl who has not reached adolescence yet.

Time to explore nine gift ideas for Kanya Puja:

Colourful Notebook

Kids love to doodle or draw whatever they imagine. If you are planning gifts to buy during the auspicious ceremony, purchase this notebook as your Kanya Puja Gift. The bright Tinyminymo notebooks pique their interest and inspire them to draw more.

Avocado Mini Diary And Pen Set

Most of the girls worshipped during Kanya Puja are school goers. So they need a diary and pen to take or note down teachers’ notes. Nothing can be better than a Tinyminymo mini diary and pen set.

Kuromi Pencil Sharpener

The young girls still use pencils to draw or write, so they need to sharpen them occasionally. What can be a more thoughtful Kanjak gift idea than a Kuromi Pencil sharpener that emulates their favourite cartoon characters?

Elephant Sharpener

Another amazing Gift idea for Kanya Pujan is an elephant sharpener from Tinyminymo. It is an elephant-shaped sharpener that comes in blue and pink hues. Choose one!


Hello Kitty Highlighter

Girls love to highlight their textbooks while studying. It helps them focus on the most important sections of a book. Why not give a multi-color highlighter that also looks stingingly cute? Tinyminymo highlighter comes in several bright hues. And it also has a Hello Kitty cap!


Kuromi Mechanical Pencil

Young girls today love Kuromi. Tinyminymo has a wide selection of Kuromi pencils featuring My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Twin Sisters, and Kuromi. The adorable, functional, and durable pencil sets are amazing Ashtami gift ideas.


Erasable Astronaut Gel Pen

Young girls often have a fascination with the cosmos. Let them fly high in their imaginations by including this Tinyminymo set in your Kanya Puja Gifts. They are easy to source. If you're looking for a cute pen that little girls cherish, the Erasable Astronaut Gel Pen from Tinyminymo is a great option. Tinyminymo has an online shop. Just order the gifts online and deliver them to your doorstep on time.

Diamond Crystal Pen

Do you remember how you used to be a stationery lover during your childhood? And that is true to this day. Every young mind holds a special place in their heart for colorful stationery. Tinyminymo has modernized the bright stationeries in the form of a Diamond Crystal Ball Pen. It comes in pink, purple, blue, and peach hues. Pick one for Ashtami's gift ideas.

Fruity Fragrance Travel Paper Soap

Last but not the least - travel paper soap. Childhood is the time when kids should learn hygiene facts. As young girls go to school or tuition, access to disinfectant or soap all the time is a must. Tinyminymo has a collection of colorful, travel-friendly, and fruity-smelling soap papers they feel enthusiastic about using.

Using colorful, scented papers inspires young girls to maintain their hygiene at its best.


Kanya Pujan is a part and parcel of Navratri and Indian spiritualism. This festival holds a special place in every Indian’s heart. Its significance, charm, and enthusiasm make everyone love the occasion. Indians patiently wait 364 days to celebrate this one day with enthusiasm never seen before.

But ‘What to give Kanya in Navratri?’ always remains. TinyMinyMo, a leading online stationery shop for Kanya Puja Gifts, solves all your worries. Check out the site to explore their collection.

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