9 Unconventional Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother For A Fun Raksha Bandhan

Unusual Rakhi Gifts


From being partners in mischief to the greatest confidante that a person can have in their life, brothers and sisters actually stuck it out till the end with each other.

The beauty of the sibling relationship is that there is no effective way to describe it in words. A brother can be on your nerves at one moment and stand tall beside you like a father figure at the next. There is no constraint as to how siblings enrich each other's lives, in super sweet and also bitter-sweet ways.

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival that is dedicated to the celebration of this quirky bond between siblings. This day witnesses a sister tying a thread to her brother’s sister in the solicitation of a promise to always protect her. The brother reciprocates the gesture by showering her sister with gifts and lots of love.

It's not just the brother but the sister as well, who can surprise her siblings with a cute and thoughtful gift. If you are looking for Rakhi gift ideas for your brother, you have come to the right place.

Uncommon Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Special Brother

We have put together a list of cute and quirky Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for your brother that is bound to bring a smile to your brother’s face.

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1. Little Hanuman Bobblehead

This is a very cute gift that you can get for your brother on Rakshabandhan. This product is made from vinyl and it has the most adorable glaze that will instantly melt your heart. Your brother can fix it in his car or any other space that he wants.

Hanuman Bobblehead

2. Multipurpose Astronaut Home LED Desk Lamp

This is one of the most adorable Rakhi gifts for your brother. This is the perfect blend of functionality and quirk. Your brother can place this on their bedside table or study table to amp up the aesthetics of that place. In addition to the aesthetics, this desk lamp allows the user to adjust the lighting at his discretion.

3. Kakashi and Itachi Notebook

If you are putting together Rakhi gift ideas for your brother who is an Anime fan, look no further. The cover of this notebook creatively encapsulates the intriguing personalities of Kakashi and Itachi. This notebook is an ideal reminder for your sibling to own down their precious thoughts.

4. Footballer Bear 3D Keychain

If your sibling is in a habit of displaying their keys, this keychain is going to be a great gift for them. Made from PVC and metal, this 3D keychain comes in attractive colours and it will make it very hard for you to let your keys out of sight! The footballer bear on this keychain is super cute, sporty and so eye-catching and makes a lovely Rakhi gift idea for your sporty brother.

Quirky footballer key chain

5. Sleeping Tom and Jerry Action Figure

We don't think there is any other cartoon that can quite perfectly depict the relationship between siblings if not Tom and Jerry. Behind all the name-calling and bickering, therein is no denying the fact that Tom and Jerry can't live without each other. This gift for your brother will take you down memory lane and make you relive the memories of watching these two amazing cartoon characters.

Sleeping Tom and Jerry action figure

6. Solar Powered Superhero Bobblehead

This superhero bobblehead is available in various characters such as Ironman, Hulk, Deadpool, Batman, Spiderman etc. These fun little bobbleheads start nodding as soon as they come in contact with sunlight. Your superhero lover brother can place it in his car or any other place that might require some animated upliftment.

solar superhero bobblehead

7. Demon Slayer Notebook

This is the best Rakshabandhan gift idea for your brother if they are anime enthusiast. This A5 size notebook is available in two sizes that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the characters of the demon slayer series. It is a 220-page time notebook that will work well as a journal or a personal diary. A perfect Rakhi gift idea for your author brother.

Demon slayer notebook

8. Luffy and Zoro Sitting Figure

This is really going to tug at the chords of the heart of One Piece lovers. These Luffy and Zoro figurines are sold exclusively as well as together. You can put them anywhere and their presence will absolutely bedazzle that space.

9. Cute Silicone Monster Pen

If you are looking for something functional yet totally out-of-the-box, this monster pen is just what you need as one of the cute gifts for your sibling. The monster’s head that sits on the top of this pen is available in three designs for you to choose from. The next time your sibling pulls this out to write something, they are definitely going to think of you with a happy grin on their face.


Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for brother aren't just about customs and tradition, but, in fact, it is a great opportunity for you to surprise your sibling and show them that you care! The joy of receiving an unconventional yet thoughtful gift from your sibling is totally delightful and Tinyminymo is here to help you make the best choice with cute gifts online!

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