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Imagine you are in your office and finishing up on the last assignment for the day or at your study table studying for an exam. But somehow, you are just unable to finish your work or study. You wonder if it could be because of stress, but have you ever wondered what could be causing that stress besides the workload? Well, take a look at your desk. Is it as clean as you would like it to be? If not, here is your answer. An unorganized study table or work desk could be causing your stress, besides the workload. A cluttered working space brings out an adverse reaction that hinders your ability to work or cope with your workload. Thus, keeping things on office desk will help you lower your stress levels and make you more productive for days to come. A clean study or work desk is synonymous with a clear and focused mind, and working at an organized desk will indeed show on your results, whether at school or your office. Plus, Spruce Up Your Work Desk Decor Ideas, Organizing your desk can become fun too. You could add in some new stationery or tweak things around to make your space feel inviting. The organizing process would help you de-stress as well.

Workspace Decoration Ideas

Study Table & Work Desk Organization Ideas

If you're thinking about sprucing up your workspace, you might find yourself searching for how to decorate your office desk or browsing Pinterest for work desk décor ideas or tips on things to keep on office desk. In these challenging times, having an organized desk at home is crucial since you could easily get distracted. To ensure you stay focused and productive, here are some great study table organization tips.

Study Table decoration Ideas

  1. Keep a plant nearby but not on your work desk: Yes, having a plant on your desk does indeed increase your focus and concentration. But if your workspace is a mess, it would be a good idea to shift your potted plant somewhere else in the room so that you have more space on your desk. This will help clear your mind, and you won’t have trouble remembering things you are supposed to get done.
  2. Having a shelf above your desk is a good idea: You can increase the area in your working space by having a shelf above your desk. Not only will your desk be cleaner, but you will also have more space to store stationery or other things you generally need while working.
  3. Maximize space under your desk: To do this, first find a tape measure to determine how much space you have under your desk. Then you could get some cute drawers to add to the said space. This is yet another way to add more room to your working space.
  4. Turn some paper clutter into cute decor: Your workspace can’t and shouldn’t be all work and no decor. For example, to spruce up the wall near your working space, you could get old concert tickets, boarding passes, postcards and Polaroid’s and stick them on the wall and thus, have an artful, effortless decor without having to empty your pockets.         Star Marquee Light | Study Table decor                                                          

  5. Optimize your workspace: Organizing your workspace also means optimizing it. You can do that by efficiently stacking your books, diaries, pencil pouch, and other stationery stuff neatly on top of each other to have more area to work.
  6. Switch the lighting in your working area: It would be a good idea to take your trusty (but seriously old) study lamp from your desk and invest in some lovely, energy-efficient lights above your desk, which would help you work better.
  7. Drawer dividers could be your holy grail: If you can never seem to find your work diary or your pop quiz questions when you need them, even after digging for hours in your drawers, you need to change or, let’s say, add something. So you need drawer dividers, where you can categorize and store away things you need during work.
  8. One great way to do your desk makeover is to decorate it with family photos. Surrounding yourself with images of loved ones can create a warm and comforting environment. Displaying family photos on your desk can serve as a reminder of the important people in your life and can bring a sense of joy and happiness to your workspace.

  9. Create a comfortable work environment by incorporating pillows into your desk organization. Not only do they add a cosy touch to your space, but they also provide support for your back and neck while sitting for long periods.
  10. Desk makeover with fresh flowers not only add a touch of beauty and freshness to your workspace, but they also boost your mood and productivity. Consider placing a small vase of flowers on your desk to bring a pop of colour and life to your work environment. This simple addition can make a big difference in creating a more organized and pleasant workspace.
  11. Maintaining a well-organized work desk is essential for productivity. One effective way to keep your supplies in order is by using trays. Trays can help separate and categorise different items, making it easier to find what you need quickly. Consider investing in trays of varying sizes to fit all of your supplies neatly on your desk. This simple organizational tool can make a big difference in keeping your workspace tidy and efficient.

10 Things to Keep on Office Desk to Make Your Workspace More Fun

Besides organizing your workspace and optimizing the area, you need to spruce up the decor there. That is important because they would help you in focusing. For example, having a potted plant that you take care of near your desk improves your focus and has been scientifically proven. Moreover, you can get cool stuff online, especially on, to add to your workspace. Here are some of the things you could buy online from

Panda Sticky Notes | Study Table Decor

If you are fond of animals, surely you would love these cute panda sticky notes? We all need sticky notes to prepare a to-do list for the day or to jot down important points during a meeting, and these cute sticky notes would help you increase your productivity like nothing else.

Flamingo Diary Set | Study Table Decor

Now that we know about your love for cute animals, you do need to check out the cutest   flamingo diary set on Diaries are essential while you work, and getting this cute diary set would encourage that working spirit.          

 Cute Paper Clips | Study Table Decor

Paperclips are extremely vital to have in your working space, thanks to the notes and assignment stacks we need to organize. But wait, there’s a catch! At, you can get these super cute owl paper clips or cupcakes and snacks paperclips that would look lovely with your flamingo diary set and panda sticky notes.

Besides these amazing stationery items, you can get many more items at and get them delivered to your home without hassle.

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FAQs on Work Desk Decor Ideas 

Q. How can I decorate my office and keep it professional?

  • The colour palette for your office wall.
  • Add your company logo to keep you motivated.
  • Sprinkle some aesthetically pleasing items for serenity.
  • Invest in comfortable office furniture.
  • Maintain an open office space.
  • Plan for a breakroom.
  • Fragrance is important.
  • Install appropriate lighting.

Q. Should I decorate my desk at work?

It's a small thing, and everyone is different, but everyone seems to want to work in a space that inspires them, which is why we decorate. However, research shows that despite how we might feel about our personalized working spaces, our coworkers or bosses may view us differently because of it.

Q. How to decorate a peaceful office?

Neutral decor and wood and white furniture keep the palette soothing while minimizing visual distractions in the space. In your own space, pick colors that match the mood you want to set while working, whether relaxed, motivated, or creatively inspired.

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