Bobbleheads : The cute figurines to decorate your car or desk

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These figurines have lately been very trendy right now. As the name suggests, they are figures with small bodies and large heads connected by a spring to make the head bobble when you tap on it. Bobbleheads are collectible figures that come in a variety of styles and designs. You’ll find just about any pattern you want from superheroes to movie and TV show characters to animals and birds. Whether you are looking for something to spice up your long and monotonous drives to work, or want something exciting on your desk as you take a break from your vigorous study sessions. A cute bobblehead is always welcome, be it for a motivation boost for your desk or a funky bobblehead for car dashboard.

So, when did this bobblehead gain its fame? As much of a recent phenomenon they look like, a bobblehead has its roots traced back to the 1840s. Figures like these were first seen in parts of the Asian continent as ‘temple nodders’. They were mainly religious figures such as Buddha. In the West, traces can be found in Nikolai Gogol’s short story, “The Overcoat”. Here, the main character was said to appear to look like a bobblehead. The mass production of these dolls was done in Germany with the material being plastic or porcelain. These dolls became very popular eventually up until the 1950s. Another name for a bobblehead, namely - nodder also originated from Germany. Other names include wobbler, nodding heads, bobbing heads, bobblehead dolls etc.


In the 1990s, with the fame of baseball players and bands such as The Beatles, bobbleheads sought their road down to popularity once more. These were generally paper-mache bobbleheads with the faces being very cherubic. Eventually, this moved across sports and celebrities with what we now have as collectible action figures that are very popular, especially a bobblehead for car dashboard or a desk. Notable figures and pop culture celebrities also have their version of bobbleheads.


The Indian version of these dolls exists too. Thanjavur dolls, coming from the Thanjavur region of Tamil Nadu are very popular. They are around 15 to 30 centimetres in height, made from clay, wood or other material and painted with vibrant colours. Usually, these dolls are kept during the Navratri festival and are decorated in fancy clothing.


In modern times, you will find a bobblehead for cars, desks and any place you’d like to place it.  These days, we even get personalised and customised versions of our desired bobbleheads. Whether it's a famous person, an action figure or a depiction of a loved one, you can get almost any type of design. Given their popularity, bobbleheads have become very trendy to collect. They are very popular and don’t seem like they will fall out of trend anytime soon.


These days, you will find bobbleheads made of different types of materials apart from plastic, porcelain and ceramic that are found to be predominant. Wood and resin are also some of the materials used however, you might not find them to be as sought after as their counterparts. Resin bobbleheads have the capacity to let more detailing be shown on the product with finer contouring whereas plastic ones are generally made using moulds. Depending on the materials, they will be painted with the appropriate colours. There can also be a mix of materials that are used, such as the eyes being made of plastic and other details. For an animal bobblehead, a layer of felt is added to give it a more realistic picture. As you might have noticed, the head is generally attached to a spring, wire or hook which is later attached to its body. This way, the spring is what brings about the bobble or the nod of the bobblehead when it is tapped.


Bobblehead toys online have gained such popularity that there are even specific stores dedicated just to selling bobbleheads. The diverse range of products these days are not minimised to just one thing. For example, your favourite superhero bobblehead might have different versions depending on the new movies that come out. As it was mentioned above, car dash bobbleheads are generally the most popular out of all. A cute bobblehead to accompany you on your drive, that’s something we all would like.


The future of bobbleheads is pretty clear, just as collectible action figures, comic books, and toys have earned a name for themselves, bobbleheads are joining the army. With limited editions out there being up for grabs, and exclusive products in the line being given more attention, soon we might even find a museum for these quirky items.


These days, bobbleheads make pretty good gifts too. They can even be used as desk weights to hold your papers from flying. Some even have stands with them to hold your phone. They can be slid off the bottom when needed and pushed back when not needed. Some car bobblehead also come with air fresheners attached and can be inserted into the vents of the AC. There are several varieties and tweaks that you will find along with the unique nodding head feature of this toy. This is what makes them so quirky and loveable.


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