Budget friendly gifting: No more compromises

 Budget friendly gifts

Gifting is more than just giving someone something. It’s an expression of love that makes you realise how much the person cares about you. Many people love giving gifts, and they always want to make sure they give one that is meaningful and useful at the same time.

Gift giving might be a tough job. On top of that, finding unique gift ideas that can be pocket-friendly too might be like pulling one’s teeth. Don’t worry, you won’t need to visit a dentist because we have curated a list of budget-friendly gift ideas that are the perfect combination of thoughtful and cute gifts. While Christmas might not be around every day, TinyMinyMo can be your Santa when it comes to wishing for some budget-friendly gifts.

What Makes A Great Gift?

Truth be told, you won’t find any instruction manual that tells you a set standard for a specific gift that is great. It’s a very subjective thing and can differ from person to person. For some, their favourite movie or TV show-related merchandise might make them sprout their happy wings. For others, it does not matter what you give, they will be happy campers. So, don’t worry about going bananas when it comes to picking the right gift for your loved one. Check out these small useful gift ideas listed down below by TinyMinyMo and get your ideas rolling.

Here’s a list of budget friendly yet unique gift ideas that you can consider while picking a gift:

1] Cute Stationery

Let’s face it, stationery is the most underrated gift. It’s something that is an essential part of our lives. It doesn’t matter if one is starting school or is years past the schooling phase, stationery is much needed. And, who doesn’t love some cute stationery?

Whether it’s a birthday present or you want to gift stationery as a return gift, they are the perfect option. They made budget friendly gifts that make everyone happy. Check out the Food erasers, Dreamy pastel pencil colours, the Dino mechanical sharpener, and the Cactus shaped pen for some cute and quirky stationery.

Rocket Sharpener

2] Mugs & Cups

What’s the start to the day without a good old cup of tea or coffee? It’s a roller coaster without a daily shot of energy, and not even the fun kind. The only thing that keeps shushing your mind’s screaming as it takes twists and turns like a real roller coaster and gives you an energy boost to get the day rolling is a mug or cup full of your favourite beverage. You can’t deny that whenever someone gifts you one of these, your heart screams out in joy, especially when you add another to your mugs and cups collection.. They are affordable gifts and perfect for occasions like a housewarming party or when you’ve been invited to a family dinner. Adorable Minion Mug or the stylish camera mug can be some of the choices.                             

Camera Mug

3] Sippers

Stay hydrated is the motto we follow these days. But who says we can’t stay hydrated in style? Sippers are really adorable to ensure that you get your daily water intake sorted. Besides, if you’re looking for good gift ideas that make a great option for a return gift or other occasions, go for some quirky sippers.A perfect gift for your friends who always want to flaunt herself in style or the one who wants to look stylish while gymming or a gift to a cute little girl according to her personality. The lovely camera bottle , cat paw sipper or mickey frosted sipper are some of the unique yet affordable sippers by TinyMinyMo.

Cat Paw sipper

4] Lamps

While this might not be Aladdin’s magical lamp that sprouts a Genie every time he rubs it, this lamp will still show its magical light to keep you from stumbling across the room in the dark. A cool and quirky lamp will definitely lighten up (pun intended)  your loved one with exciting joy. They make it onto the list of affordable gifts and are great for occasions like a housewarming party. Some of the great options from TinyMinyMo are Pig in a barrel lamp or the Panda Marquee Light

Panda Marquee Light

5] Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads come very close to the top of the list of unique gift ideas because they are quirky and quite trendy right now. You can get a plethora of budget friendly options to pick from TinyMinyMo like Dog Bobblehead, BTS Bobblehead or the cute Mickey and Minnie Bobblehead. Perhaps you are feeling a little adventurous, like your favourite superhero or something rather simple yet exciting. They are a perfect gift for occasions like birthdays or Friendship Day.

BTS Bobblehead

6] Keychains

If you’re looking for small useful gift ideas then keychains are your holy grail. They might be small, but they hold power just like your pinky finger. They help keep all of your keys organised and ready to sort out when you need them. They are really good gift ideas for return gifts or mini gift hampers that are given out after an event. Some keychains that make cute gifts are the Tom & Jerry keychain, 3D Astronaut keychain and the Panda Keychain.

Astronaut Keychain


7] Diaries & Notebooks 

We have all piled up on cute diaries and notebooks at least once in our lives. Writers may have their own libraries of them. They are ideal for taking notes or pouring in your next best-selling novel; they are an underappreciated type of gift that has the potential to be treasured. Diaries and notebooks are great budget-friendly gift ideas, especially as return gifts. Check out unique options like the Astronaut diary gift set or the Mini note pad with pen on TinyMinyMo.

Astronaut Diary Set

8] Personal accessories

Personal accessories are undoubtedly those tiny things that make our lives easier. You might think that’s like talking about a rocket in the sky—a farfetched thought—but it’s true. Imagine the convenience of having a phone holder when you want to snack and watch your favourite movie without having to flail your hands doing both. Or maybe having a convenient wender that keeps your wires and their tangles (those two attract each other like the opposite ends of a magnet) at bay. They make the perfect small gift idea and you can consider this as a part of your friend’s birthday or a special gifts for someone according to his/her taste. If you agree, you might want to check out some personal accessories like the Cool bull dog phone holder or the Avengers wire wenders

 Bull dog phone holder

The bottom line is that gift giving and budget setting can go hand in hand. Take the ship and let it sail you away to the island of TinyMinyMo to find budget friendly gifts that will make you happy and the person you’re gifting joyful.

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