Colorful Gifts For Holi For Your Loved Ones

Gifts for holi

We realise you must be seeking presents for your loved ones to make them feel special as the festival of colours approaches. Holi will be celebrated on the 8th of March this year. We have some fantastic holi gift ideas for you, whether you want to purchase something for friends or family. Our gifts for holi suggestions range from traditional and emotional to contemporary and whimsical! Make it more special for your loved ones by using what you can from our list and adding your own flair. But before you look at our list of presents, here are some things to bear in mind when shopping for loved ones.

Things to Take Into Account When Purchasing Holi Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Before purchasing a box of chocolates, or a box of Gujiyas or an arrangement of flowers for your loved ones as Holi gifts, you should give the gift some thought. Before you start looking for the ideal Holi gifts, have the following advice in mind:

  • Discover their likes and dislikes first.
  • Something that your loved ones have been requesting for months would be the ultimate gift.
  • It doesn't matter how much or how little you spend on the present; what matters is the thinking that went into selecting it.
  • If you can't think of anything to give as a gift, get inventive. Even better, you can make the gift yourself.
  • If your loved ones are far away, you can get a present online and mail it right to them.
  • Shop within your means so that you can indulge in gift-giving guilt-free.

Gifts For Holi For Your Family and Friends:

Although Holi is not associated with gifting, but gifting is always a pleasure. During the Holi season, typical gifts include chocolates and sweets. They also make secure present choices. But, surprise your loved ones this Holi with some cool and quirky gifting options as Holi is a festival full of fun, laughter, colors & celebrations. Here are some quirky gifts for Holi from TinyMinyMo that you can think of giving to family and friends:

1.     Double Sipper Bottle

Gift this cute double sipper bottle as a Holi present to the kids in your family and neighbourhood and see how they will fall in one with how cute it looks and how beautiful colours they have it in.

Double sipper bottle

2.     Meditating Monk Bobblehead

These Meditating Monk bobbleheads can surely be added to your collectables. It has the cutest feature of absorbing light and then the cute bobbleheads start swinging in the cutest way! By just looking at it, anyone won’t be able to take their eyes off it and can definitely be added as a Holi gift for family and friends.

Monk Bobblehead

3.     Unicorn Donut Eraser

If you know anyone who is a unicorn lover or you yourself are the same, this is the perfect stationery to buy or can be used as a gift for Holi. These are super affordable and cute and is definitely stationery item that you would want to have with you. Along with these, you can also buy gifts online at TinyMinyMo like cute pens or Kawaii stationery and make your presents even more special.

Unicorn donut eraser

4.     3D Avatar Keychain

Who would not want to have something that is related to Avatar? 3D Avatar key chain can be used and given as a gift, especially for Avatar fans. Check with either Jake Sully or your favourite Neytiri and love watching Avatars over and over again.

Avatar 3D Keychain

5.     Pastel Click Highlighters

Get hold of these incredibly unique and adorable Pastel Click highlighters. It is ideal for all of the hoarders of stationery! Pastel highlighters come in a set of 6 colours and are excellent for keeping your notes organised and for studying.

Pastel highlighters 

6.     Fruit Bear Bottle Keychain

This cute Fruit Bear bottle keychain is the cutest Holi present for the little ones. Comes with an openable lid and various flavors, making it an ideal choice for anyone. They will love it hanging with their bicycle keys and it will keep their keys in place too!

Fruit bear bottle keychain

7.     Silicone Cloud Touch Lamp

This lamp can change the mood of the entire room. It can be kept on the side table and will make the room look cute and aesthetic and we all know how anyone would love these cute-looking things. Buy this lamp to surprise your loved ones this Holi!

Cloud silicon lamp

Holi is one of the most awaited and celebrated festival of India and we all look forward to it as it brings happiness and joy. Make your loved ones feel precious by gifting Holi presents and show them how much you matter to them with these beautiful cute gifts we have for you!


1.     Are gifts exchanged on Holi?

Holi is a time when loved ones give presents, just like we do for all of our other holidays.

2.     Do kids love Holi gifts?

Yes, Kids love Holi gifts as kids are the ones who are most excited about Holi presents like water guns, balloons, chocolates and many more.

3.     What can be some unique gifts for Holi?

Popular presents for a Holi present include chocolates, gujiyas, and gift baskets. But TinyMinyMo has come up with some unique gifting options like fast food silicone gel pen, astronaut paper holder or some quirky keychains.

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