Cute Mood-enhancing gifts amidst the pandemic

When you have a loving, nurturing, and solid relationship with someone, exchanging gifts becomes a significant part of that relationship. The act of exchanging gifts generally makes the relationship stronger and toughens its foundation. Since each person is unique, naturally, you would build a unique relationship with each person, and the connections would be different from one another too. However, the key aspects in every healthy and beautiful relationship lie in three things- love, respect, and freedom. These are the foundational building blocks of every relationship that you create and nurture. And these aspects only get amplified when you exchange gifts with that person. Of course, you would know this, but we gift only those who mean to us the most. During these trying times when the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging our planet and the lives of millions, the best way to show your love and affection for a person who means a lot to you would be to send them a gift. And there is no better place to send it from than our store! With our quick and hassle-free deliveries, you can enhance the moods of all your loved ones with gifts picked from our vast collection.

Unique, mood-enhancing gifts to give to your loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic

This list of cute and unique gifts would help lift anyone’s mood during this pandemic because we ensure the best quality products and because you will be gifting them with your love and affection.

1. Love Neon Light:

 Love Neon Light- Multicolor

In these difficult times, we are all looking for some love and positivity in our lives. Yet, not many of us are finding it since the mental pressure of staying at home, and the constant news of coronavirus cases are taking a toll on our mental health. Thus, this is the right time to send your loved one this “Love” neon light so that every time they enter their bedroom and see this light, they remember you and find happiness. This neon light is also available in multiple colors, namely- warm, white, yellow, and pink.

2.Unicorn LED Dream Catcher:

 Unicorn LED Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are not merely a piece of home decor; something about them radiates happiness and positivity. Moreover, if your loved one loves to escape into the fantasy world of rainbows and unicorns, they will surely fall in love with this Unicorn LED dream catcher. The little fairy lights attached to it make it look even more unique and beautiful. Thus, it would be great if you gift it to a loved one.

 3. Cinematic lightbox:

Cinematic Light Box

If your loved one’s go-to method to change their mood from sadness to happiness is watching a film, this cinematic lightbox is the perfect gift to give them. Besides giving their home or workspace a filmy, vintage atmosphere with quotes from their favorite films of all time, this lightbox would make them inspired to do better every day.

 4. Unicorn mug:

Unicorn Mug

This unicorn mug is another gift that would allow your loved one to escape into the world of rainbow and unicorns. Every day when your loved one wakes up and fetches their cup of coffee or tea, in this mug, they will remember you, and they will be reassured of your care and love. As we said, we dont compromise on quality, so this mug is well worth its price as it is made with premium-quality ceramic and has a capacity of 320 ml.

 5. Dream organizer:

Dream Organiser

When we have been copped up so long in our homes for the quarantine, we might experience days of boredom, lack of interest in the smallest of things, and be unsure about our dreams. To ensure that your loved one does not forget their high ambitions, gift them this dream organizer and help them remind themselves of their purpose and dreams.

 6. Star LED curtain light:

Star LED Curtain Light

One great way to light up your loved one’s home with love, happiness, and positivity is by gifting them this Star LED curtain light. Since this light can be hung in one’s bedroom all year round, your loved one won’t ever forget your love and affection even for a second. It is a beautiful gift to a person who means a lot to you; it brings cozy vibes and brightens up any space.

 7. Quirky Quote Tumbler:

Quirky Quote Tumbler

Tumblers are one of the essentials for your every need. Since they are so compact and easy to carry, we all prefer them to take our beverages throughout the day. However, in quarantine, everybody is working from home, and while concentrating in a home environment, it is easy to forget about getting hydrated. This is a great gift to remind your loved one to stay properly hydrated every day; this tumbler will remind your loved one of your love.

 8. Get shit done notebook:

Get Shit Done Notebook

We have more than enough of our share of slacking during quarantine and days we dont want to work. However, even if we are spending time at home, it is necessary to keep working. Firstly because your work pays our bills. Secondly, working and keeping yourself engaged is necessary not to let your mind divulge into boredom and unproductivity. So, to remind your loved ones to keep hustling, gift them this “Get Shit done notebook” so that they keep themselves engaged and work towards making their dreams a reality.

Why choose Tinyminymo?

 Going through the above list of such cute and unique gifts, you must have already gotten an idea about how vast our collections of gifts are. You can easily select gifts that suit your purpose and send thoughtful gifts to the people you love from these collections. Ordering from our website is especially easy and hassle-free. Moreover, we provide timely and unproblematic deliveries all over India.

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