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Soft toys are very often our first friends. These cuddly soft creations are perfect for children. Someone close to their heart in this world. Usually, we have seen a soft toy related to a play toy or a soft to play with, and in general for babies and kids, but not only kids, we all know that we also have a sense of attachment to that particular soft toy of your childhood who was your first friend, whenever Diwali comes and our houses are cleaned up, we have that one particular toy that we don’t want to throw because just by seeing that you feel comfortable and warm, even if you are moving out of your home and your comfort zone you want to take that soft toy that makes you feel like home!

Why Do People Love Soft Toys?

●      Comfort

 It’s so weird to even think about how a non-living thing can give you so much warmth and comfort. You always have that one toy you don’t want to share with anyone, you always have that one toy that you have kept since childhood and whenever you look at them you just get all the flashbacks of your childhood and wherever you go you want them around you.

●      Sense of Belongingness/Attachment

While growing up, you always want to keep things with you which make you feel at home. It’s always a comforting feeling which doesn’t change and everything around you is changing. No matter how dirty it gets and your mother always wants to throw it but you don’t let her.

●      Cute

Love for soft toys, no matter if you are a kid or an adult, love for soft toys never fades.

Whenever you walk into a store that is filled with soft ideas, you get an urge to buy because of how cute it looks, and everything you see you just want to buy.

●       No Harm for Babies

Gifting soft toys to babies teaches them a lot. Soft toy ideas for giving them come out easily as we all know they are stuffed with soft material and even if you are not around it won’t hurt them, because as babies they don’t really see what they are putting in their mouth. Moreover, apart from how cute it looks and how easy they are to play with, they teach the babies to differentiate between different animals, and birds, the colour difference and the emotions they develop with that soft toy.

Soft Toys as a Gift

Soft Toys











Soft toy ideas are best when it comes to giving someone a present you are close to if it is a child, your sibling who has even grown up, your best friend and your girlfriend. As for babies, soft toys are their first friend and their best buddies. You can gift your sibling a funny soft toy which looks funny and you end up teasing them and laughing out loud whenever you see them. You can gift this to your girlfriend so she could always see it and think about you.

Apart from all this, there are some things that a soft toy has always been known for and these are:

●      They give endless hugs

Soft toys are cuddly and they give endless hugs which are comforting just like a human being giving you hugs. Some of us have that habit of cuddling something when we sleep and in most cases, it is that one soft toy you have grown up with, the kids also actually stop crying by just looking at that one soft toy!

●      Best Companion 

They are your best buddies from childhood to the time you grow up, you have so many emotions, love and companionship with them. At times when you don’t want to talk about some emotions in front of anyone, you do it in front of your soft toy which is more like a friend to you. They are the best companions as they don’t reveal any secrets you tell them.

●      Express love

You may not sometimes be able to express your love by just words and you just get trapped thinking about what you should give your girlfriend on her birthday, or marriage anniversary. A cute plushie for your girlfriend or your wife is one of the best options to go for that will express your love in the way you want to.

Some Cute Soft Toys available at TinyMinyMo

●      Cute Cow Soft Toy

Cute Cow soft toy

At TinyMinyMo, you just don't have the soft toys that are common and are available everywhere. We have a huge collection of cute stuffed animals for babies, and for gifting to anyone and everyone. Whenever you see a cute-looking toy like this, it just immediately brings a smile to your face.

●      Long Caterpillar Plush Toy

Long caterpillar plush toy

Looking for a gift for someone who is unique and always looks for something just out of the blue? If yes, Long caterpillar plush toy is the one for you. It has all the combination of uniqueness, and cuteness that just makes it a perfect gift!

●       Little Avocado Soft Toy

Little Avocado Soft toy

CUTE CUTE CUTE! That’s exactly what pops into the head whenever anyone sees this little avocado soft toy! A perfect little soft toy to gift someone who likes having a cute and rare soft toy. Who is not a big fan of dolls or teddy bears? This makes it perfect for them to give. 


Looking for a cute range of soft toy collections to gift your loved ones, you have landed at the right place. Giving someone a soft toy is like giving someone a piece of your heart. As we all know, soft toys stay with us forever. It is the best companion, the perfect friend, the best sleeping companion and a shoulder to always rely on. They are not demanding, they don’t ask questions and don't expect anything in return. They are the best part of our childhood memories and the best thing to have and give someone. For more such range, visit TinyMinyMo, a gifting store full of cute, amazing and unique gifts online.

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