Fun Ideas to Make Diwali 2023 Celebration Enjoyable & Memorable

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Diwali is a festival that is much awaited all year round. From the luminescence that surrounds us during the festival, the joyful laughter of excited kids bursting crackers and the ambience of a jolly mood as one is surrounded by friends and family. Diwali is certainly the highlight of each year.

With Diwali comes a plethora of Diwali activities that evoke a sense of closeness with the people surrounding us. There’s no doubt that we would want to take the Diwali celebration with family and friends each year up a notch. So, if you have started brainstorming on some fun ideas you can do this Diwali to make it memorable, then this blog will come to your aid. You’ll find some exciting Diwali party ideas that you can try to make this lively festive season even more euphoric. 

But first, let’s take a look at why we celebrate Diwali and what goes on amid all the cheer.

Why Do We Celebrate Diwali?

While Diwali as a festival is celebrated throughout the country, different parts have their version of why we celebrate it. The most known one is to commemorate the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after he triumphed over Ravana. His return was marked by lighting up lanterns and diyas and the whole kingdom lit up in lights. This is why we light up diyas and lamps during these days.

There are five main days of this festival. The first day of Diwali, which is Dhanteras begins with a thorough cleaning of the house and shops. Diyas are lit and people often purchase items made of gold and silver for prosperity and wealth. At the same time, homes are also decorated with items such as diyas, candles, lamps and lanterns. Then comes Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali where people light up their houses and burst crackers waiting for the main day. On the third day, the Laxmi Pooja is performed for Goddess Laxmi for good luck and prosperity. On the fourth day, people meet up with relatives and friends and exchange gifts and pleasantries. Also, some people celebrate Govardhan Pooja on this day. On the last day is Bhai Dhooj, a festival of sisters and brothers where sisters put tilak on bhai’s forehead and exchange sweets and gifts. This year Diwali is on the 12th of November 2023.

During this festival, people also make rangolis, wear new clothes, make delicious sweets and snacks and burst crackers which are the highlight of this festival. 

5 Fun Celebration Ideas For This Diwali With Family

As you plan a new set of diwali activities for this year, here are some fun Diwali celebration ideas that you can try to celebrate Diwali with family:

1.    Secret Santa But In Diwali

We all love gifts and that’s no secret. It’s not just an act of giving something to someone, it’s more of a feeling. Gifts are always appreciated because it makes you realize how much a person cares about you. If you’re going to host a nice dinner and have a get-together with your loved ones, then put in a secret gift session that’s anonymous. You get the fun of receiving unique Diwali gifts plus a memorable festival to remember.

2.    Game On With A Decoration Competition

Diwali and fancy decorations are like best friends. With pretty diyas, lamps, lighting and rangoli, there’s no doubt our homes set the vibrancy for this celebration. While traditionally, we use oil lamps and paper lanterns, these days fancy lights for home decoration are used too. This year, you can see who in the family can mix things up with some unique decoration ideas. Whether it’s a specific theme you want to keep or just want to let everyone be creative, the ball is in your court, and in those who participate!

3.    Make Rangolis Together

Rangolis are always very pleasing to the eye with their bright colours and unique patterns. And each year, there are a variety of new designs to try out. Kids especially love to play with colours and include them in rangoli making and they will bounce with joy. So, gather up all of your dear ones and have them fill in rangolis to their best efforts. More than the desire for a beautiful design, it’s the beauty and laughter of doing something with loved ones that makes a celebration such as Diwali special.

4.    Spark Joy By Bursting Crackers

No Diwali is complete without setting off rockets and sparklers. This is especially fun in the evening when it’s dark and you can see the glittery sparks of the crackers serenade the atmosphere. Besides, kids are always awaiting this specific moment with great anticipation and enthusiasm. Set off the evening with some anars and chakris and enjoy these moments as you partake in this fun-filled activity. Most of all, make sure that you burst crackers with happiness but also ensure that you burst them safely.

5.    Sweeten Up The Vibe By Making Sweets

There are crackers, there are decorations and then there are the sweets. There’s nothing more exciting than enjoying some lip-smacking Diwali sweets. While it’s easy to find these goodies at a store, there’s something about making them with your own hands that adds yet another flavour to them. Prepare your favourite Diwali sweets instead of buying them from a store and we’re sure you’ll enjoy eating them even more and have fun with our Diwali celebration ideas. 

6. Host a Pot-Luck

Diwali is a perfect occasion to gather together with your friends and family and enjoy delicious food and laugh about sweet memories. You can make more people a part of your happy festival by inviting other families to join you in a pot luck party, with special delicacies prepared in their traditional way. Pot luck is one of the most heartwarming Diwali party theme ideas and it will give you and your family an unforgettable Diwali celebration with loads of fun. Also, making traditional food at home and enjoying the variety of dishes from everyone’s homes can strengthen your bond and make Diwali more meaningful. It’s one of the most exciting and creative ideas to celebrate Diwali!

7. Support a Good Cause

Diwali is a festival that reminds us to be grateful for all that we have and be mindful that others are not as lucky to have the privilege to spend time with their family or afford delicacies. So if you are looking for unique Diwali celebration ideas, you can get in touch with any organisation and give a few hours to serving a good cause with your family. It will make you feel more gratitude and give your kids something to learn about sharing. It is a great learning opportunity and a heartwarming way to celebrate Diwali.

The Bottom Line

No matter what you do and where you go, Diwali is a festival that will always have a warm place in your heart. From the cheerful aura that makes the day serene to the world that seems to have lightened up as if it were celebrating with us, this is one of our favourite festivals to celebrate. So, this year too, make Diwali memorable and enjoy with your friends and family by doing these fun activities to celebrate this festive season.


1.    What can be gifted on Diwali?

There are so many gift options available for Diwali from dry fruits, sweets, home decor and even gift hampers. You can mix and match these or even gift them separately and they make the perfect gift. You can find some unique gifts online to gift your loved ones at TinyMinyMo and make this festival a happy time for all.

2.    Which are the 5 days of Diwali in 2023?

The five days of Diwali include Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi also known as Choti Diwali. After that, there’s Lakshmi Pooja which is on the 12th of November also known as Deepavali. Then Govardhan Pooja on the 13th of November and lastly Bhai Dhooj on the 14th of November.

3.    How do you celebrate Diwali with your family and friends?

One can celebrate Diwali with family and friends in several ways. For instance, visiting each other, exchanging gifts, bursting crackers, and partaking in rangoli making are some of the Diwali celebration ideas.

4.    Why do people wear new clothes on Diwali?

Wearing new clothes is a significant aspect of any festival, especially Diwali. It also marks the end of old parts of our lives and brings in new opportunities, luck and respect and enthusiasm for the festival.

5.    What can be some good celebration ideas with kids?

Kids love bursting crackers which is no doubt on the top of the list. Another way to celebrate Diwali with kids is to include them in the decorating process. Ask for their ideas, let them paint the diyas and place them on their own, and let them create their unique rangoli designs. Let them also be a part of the sweet-making process. This not only increases the fun of the celebration but also makes them feel included.

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