Gen Z or Millennials: Hit back the nostalgia

Nostalgia; a trip down memory lane you’ve experienced once or a few times than you care to count. Nostalgia doesn’t just evoke the memory of something, it invokes the feeling that is attached to that memory. You get transported to that time, that place with those exact same feelings you had back then.

But now, there’s a new feeling attached to those memories. The new feeling of being in complete awe of having experienced what you did, having the memory of that particular experience. Whether it is all by yourself or surrounded by people who are either no longer in your life or people who are always going to be in your life till the very end.

You can get nostalgic when you hear a song attached to that particular memory, see old photos, step into a place that’s filled with memories of you running around happy and in complete bliss. What’s exciting about nostalgia is that it doesn’t announce its pending arrival, it catches you unaware and it is like a shock to your system. You instantly go from feeling your present emotions to feeling past emotions. Sometimes those memories come with a twinge of sadness and other times it lights up your entire face, giving you a bubbly, floaty-like feeling in your chest.

Locking the doors of your old home and opening the doors to your new home; a bittersweet feeling, getting the keys to your new car or a new apartment, or that miniature souvenir hanging from your keychain that you take everywhere with you. All of these milestones suddenly become attached to the things present with you in that moment which so happens to be the keychain those keys are dangling from.

TinyMinyMo has a wide range of unique keychains for everyone. These keychains come with notalgia in their various designs of characters we grew up with most of which you may know. TinyMinyMo has curated these cute keychains designs and characters that would invoke feelings that bring with them a piece of our childhood. The Harry Potter keychains for example, might be one of your personal favourites because ‘the boy who lived’ happens to be the boy most of us grew up with. But why leave it there when he can also become the boy we keep growing up with?


Unique Keychains at TinyMinyMo



At TinyMinyMo, there’s a keychain for all keychain lovers or simply a lover of these characters. Keychains in the form of pouches, pocket watches, projectors like this Dinosaur Projector Keychain, and so much more where these came from. These unique keychains are available for kids, adults, boys or girls; basically everyone. There is an Astronaut Keychain for space lovers and dreamers. You can get some for yourself to remind you of a particular feeling, and you can get some for your family and friends.

These keychains can be great gifts to your loved ones so you watch their face light up with nostalgia when they set their eyes on these keychains.

What does gifting a keychain mean?

Keychains symbolise something much more than you’re told it does or you think it does. Keychains are a lot more than just the ‘fall back’ option for when you can’t find the right gifts for a loved one. They are and should be, front and centre, at the top of your list and the first thing you should think about getting for them.

A keychain symbolises the bond you share with the person you’re getting it for or gifting it to. It represents that special bond and a message to them that you hold them dear and close to your heart.

You’ve probably been gifted a keychain a few times throughout your life and sometimes, these keychains are just plain and simple gifts given to you for the sake of functionality. Yes, sometimes function over style is appropriate, and not a crime. But TinyMinyMo cute keyrings and keychains are style and function wrapped up in one perfect nostalgic feeling. These incredibly unique keychains at TinyMinyMo would be the perfect gift for a similarly incredible person in your life. Designs and characters to stir up childhood memories and feelings, dousing us with a bucket full of nostalgia.

Don’t you want that?

Get Keychains of characters like Harry Potter for your Potterhead friends, Looney tune characters for each of your personal squad members, and hilarious designs of moments from the show FRIENDS. Remember your childhood with favourite cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Lilo and stitch, and Mickey and Minnie mouse. Let’s not forget the superheroes from avengers or anime characters from Naruto and a growing favourite show, Squid Game.

Match keychains with your family and friends by getting different themes for each of your family, squad members and friends because you will always be there for them.

Naruto Keychain      3D Keychain


What should you keep on your keychain?

Your keychain can be personalised to your own taste and unique style and preference.

1.     Pictures or Keys:

You can simply want your keychain to include one or a few miniature framed photos of loved ones, or go easy and simple by attaching the keys to your vehicle, house, apartment, storage room and/or office. These TinyMinyMo keychains are easily accessible and would save you the trouble of searching long and hard for them. Get bright coloured keychains to make them stand out like these Unicorn ones or the Shark and Dolphin.

2.     Multi-tool:

If you are a person who always takes some accessories like your earplugs or earphones,then keep your belongings in these marvel keychain pouches which would come in handy for you and maybe even for someone else, you never know. There are a lot more options of keychain pouches at TinyMinyMo.

3.     Flashlight:

If the dark isn’t your best friend, you can attach a small sized but powerful flashlight to the wide range of keychains with snap hook & lanyard at TinyMinyMo like this 3D Paw Keychain or Powerpuff Girls keychains or get any of the keychains with snap hooks and lanyards to keep your flashlight in. Any of these keychains would be great for you because it would save you the hassle and time of fumbling with items in your purse to find a flashlight.

4.     Pocket Watch:

Tired of forgetting to slip on your wristwatch before you head out for the day? Well, this Tinyminymo Deadpool pocket watch keychain is the perfect solution for that. Attach your keys to this pocket watch keychain and don’t worry about your wristwatch because this solves that problem. Check out the other unique designs of pocket watch keychains at TinyMinyMo.

5.     Self Defence Items:

Ladies, you know that panic you feel when you’re walking home by yourself at night? Well, you can keep your self defence items on these keychains and hook them to your belt loop to have easy and quick access to them. Items like a self defence alarm or maybe even a multi-tool that would come in handy and might probably save your life.

You can use these keychains for anything you’d like to use them for. It is all up to you to decide what things those are.

TinyMinyMo has countless other cute and unique designs made with the best quality of materials like polypropylene, PP Cotton, Silicon, Rubber, Metals, and a lot more other strong and durable materials. These keychains can be hung on your wrist with its soft and comfortable handle or hooked onto your bag or the belt loop of a clothing item like your trousers.

Get these keychains for yourself or as cute gifts online at TinyMinyMo.

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