Going back to school: Refill your bag

Back to school season will be upon us soon and it calls for restocking all the essential school supplies. Amidst the excitement of going back to a place full of knowledge, joy and opportunities, preparing for the whole new year is one of the hustles we all are engrossed in. We all know that everyone, especially kids, is a fan of cute stationery and it just adds to the motivation to study better. Perhaps, you are in a flurry of making a list of all the school supplies needed to make the whole new school year experience shine and sparkle. A lot of the school-going population will be taken offline after nearly two years. So, why not add a little bit of vibrancy and excitement to the school essentials?


Wondering what to put in your school bag? Well, it is a good idea to have it all packed the day before to avoid any hassles. There are tons of back to school supplies to pick from and it can get a little daunting. Whether you are packing your own bag and ensuring you really have all the supplies or are a parent fussing over their kids’ school bags, trying to get everything necessary packed, here’s a list of all the school accessories you should make sure should be packing along with the school bag.


9 School Stationery Supplies To Keep In Your Bag

If you are going for school bag shopping, then don’t miss out on these essential school accessories to include in your daily supplies list:

1] Sippers

Unicorn Sipper

It is important to stay hydrated all throughout the day. At school, in between classes and other activities, it might slip out of your mind to sip on some water. If you have a bottle handy, it makes it easier to keep in mind to drink up every once in a while. Thus, keep a sipper bottle in your bag at all times. You can have your very own cute sipper bottle too! The unicorn sipper bottles are the perfect fit for something very quirky. After all, who does not want a little magic with a dash of unicorns?

2] Pen

Snack Pen

Of course, the most important part of your school stationery items is a pen. Admit it, there are numerous times you absolutely forget to pack a pen and have to scramble through your belongings to try and find one, or eventually ask a friend to lend you one. So, without a doubt, a pen should be on the top of your packing list. And, who can resist it when the cute stationery you buy can also include some very cute pens? Cute snack pen, paw pen or octopus pen – take your pick. Quirky school accessories have a way of making you want to go to school even more.


3] Sticky Notes

Animal Sticky Note

Sticky notes are a very effective way to make small pointers that are important and give you the gist of the matter you are learning. Whether you paste them over in your textbook or add them to your notes, it’s a great way to brush up your knowledge with the tidbits. Owl  sticky notes and animal sticky notes are definitely a must-have.

4] Diary

Fur Panda Diary

A diary no doubt is your best friend. It’s not only an option to track down your thoughts but also a great way to keep a track of all the important events that will take place at school. You can make use of a diary to note down important dates including tests, presentations or workshops as well as other nitty-gritty events that you might want to recollect later. So you have all the significant information in one place. So, excite your kid with the Fur Panda Diary and many more.

5] Notebook

Harry Potter Notebook

This one definitely goes without saying! For all the rigorous notes that you need to take, this one is your best bet. When you go shopping for back to school supplies, make sure you stock up on a lot of notebooks. Because we all know how fast we get through them. Want some stylish notebooks to add to your collection? Check out the Harry Potter notebook and Money heist Notebook options.

6] Highlighter

Highlighter set

Just like sticky notes, highlighters are really very effective when it comes to studying. You can highlight all the important points, so, when you try to sum up the matter you are learning, you can glance over the points you have already marked. Check out the Now notes later highlighters for some unique options.

7] Eraser

Donut Eraser

We often forget this particular item, but it is extremely important. To have clean and error-free notes, if you have an eraser handy you can correct any errors on the spot. After all, we learn from our mistakes, don’t we? Besides, erasers are also among the cute stationery options you will find like cute animal donut eraser. So stocking up on one or two of them is not bad now, is it?

8] Pouch

Panda Pouch

We don’t just want our pens and pencils to scatter around in the deep sea of our bags. A pouch is a must-have to keep all your writing essentials in one place so you can have them all ready to go. This helps you ensure that you have all your pens, pencils, and erasers checked so that you do not end up misplacing them. Here are some trendy options for you to look at while you go shopping for cute stationery items online – the lady panda plush zipper pouch and the pink girl glitter pouch that are definitely the loved picks.

9] Paper Cutter

Paw Paper Cutter

Arts and crafts are an essential part of our co-curricular activities. Of course, there is a lot of paperwork involved and if you don’t have a scissor on you, a paper cutter will help work just the same. Shine with your cute school accessories with options like the mini cat paw paper cutter and have a fun time getting crafty.



These are some of the very important back to school combo essentials that should be there in every kid's school bag. Now that you have the guide ready, get shopping! Check out some very cute stationery items online at TinyMinyMo and get all your back to school supplies ready with us.

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