Kids' Favourite Sanrio Characters & Themed Gifts

The popularity of Sanrio Characters was instantaneous when Coro Chan, the first original character was introduced in 1973. Hello Kitty was later added to the lineup in 1974 and the first merchandise was released in the year that followed which was a massive hit among kids. The Cute Sanrio Characters are loved by the little ones because there is one character they find most endearing and relatable.

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Famous Sanrio Characters:

Here is a list of all Sanrio characters we’ve put together to familiarize you with the range of Sanrio gifts we offer you at Tinyminymo.

●      Aomimi Usa:

Meaning blue-eared bunny, Aomimi Usa is part of the Sugarbunnies universe and she has a twin brother Aousa. They both specialize in the making of drinking glasses and hard candy.

●      Badtz-Maru:

Baddo Batsu Maru is a male penguin born on April 1st in Oahu, Hawaii. Unlike other popular Hello Kitty characters, Badtz has an attitude and spiky hair.

●      Hana Usa:

Usahana is often described as a rabbit with an appearance that is flower-like. Usahana has a gentle and sweet personality, and a cute and endearing charm, which make it popular among fans.

●      Hangyodon:

Hangyodon is a hilarious fish character born on March 14 in China. He has a habit of making jokes while still feeling lonely and whose heroic plans always seem to go awry.

●      Hello Kitty:

Kitty White, known popularly as Hello Kitty, is a fictional character who is an anthropomorphized white cat with no visible mouth and a red bow.

●      Gudetama:

Gudetama is perpetually an apathetic anthropomorphic egg yolk that is always tired. The name "Gudetama" is a portmanteau of the Japanese words for lazy and egg.

●      Keroppi:

Keroppi is a green frog with big eyes and one of the smallest characters. With a V-shaped mouth and pink spots on his cheek, he has a cute outfit of a red and white one-piece.

●      Kuromi:

As the main antagonist, Kuromi is the arch-nemesis of My Melody who wields the Melody Key, a magical artefact that is infused with dark dream-corrupting powers.

●      Little Twin Stars:

Kiki and Lala, are the Little Twin Stars and they were born in the Dream Star-Cloud on December 24th (Christmas Eve) on Omoiyari Star.

●      Littleforestfellow:

Littleforestfellow is also known as Mellow and he is a rabbit with a catchphrase "Nanodesu." His favourite pastime is to play with his cousin My Melody, and he adores the red hood she gave him.

●      Mimmy White:

Mimmy White is Hello Kitty's twin sister who is very tomboyish and shy, and not as outgoing as Kitty.

●      My Melody:

My Melody, nicknamed My Melo, is Hello Kitty’s best friend. She is a white rabbit born on January 18th who wears a red (or pink) hood that covers her ears.

●      Pekkle:

Ahiru No Pekkuru is a duck with orange legs, feet, and bill as well as white feathers, and he wears a blue t-shirt.

●      Pompompurin:

Pompompurin is a golden retriever dog born on April 16 with Muffin (a hamster), Scone (a mouse), Bagel (a squirrel), and Custard (a bird) as friends.

●      Shiro Usa:

This secondary protagonist has a younger twin brother named Kurousa. They work as pâtissiers making cakes with fruits and cream, and they live in Bunniesfield.

●      Tuxedo Sam:

This charming penguin wears a tuxedo and bowtie and is friendly and polite and also enjoys various hobbies like fishing.

●      Wish me mell:

Wish me mell is kind but clumsy and she enjoys writing letters and collecting stamps.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Kuromi characters, we’ve put together a list of amazing and unique items that would make excellent gifts to yourself and your loved ones. Get these Hello Kitty  & Sanrio gifts online at Tinyminymo.

Sanrio Character Gift Ideas from Tinyminymo

At Tinyminymo, you can find a wide range of gifts in the theme of Cute Sanrio characters. Here are some of them.

1.     Sanrio Character 3D Keychain:

This Sanrio character keychain is in a 3D print that would allow you to enjoy the characters wholly and awesomely. With bright fun colours, these would have you finding your keys in no time.

2.     Gel pen:

If you’re trying to find the right pen to work on your penmanship, the all Sanrio characters Charm gel pen is the perfect way to go.

3.     Mechanical pencil:

Get the cute My Melody mechanical pencil that makes it easy for artists and other users to have your pencils for longer periods and replace the pigment.

4.     Kuromi 3D Keychain:

A fan of Kuromi? Get the Kuromi 3D keychain that is super plush and the cutest thing you would own. Bright and fun colours, make the perfect gifts.

5.     Kuromi Highlighter:

The stackable Kuromi highlighters come in different colours like black and purple. You can also get My Melody highlighters that come in pink and yellow.

6.     Gluestick:

Nothing for reassuring than having your own gluestick to carry along with you everywhere you go. Get the Hello Kitty glue stick at Tinyminymo.

7.     Kuromi Zipper Pouch:

Store all your stationery in the cute Sanrio characters - Kuromi zipper pouch that is a bright lilac colour and a fluffy texture.

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