Quirky Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sister That Will Make Her Go Aww

Rakhi Gifts for sisters

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful Indian festival that celebrates the pious bond between siblings. Each year, this festival is celebrated with a lot of gusto when brothers and sisters come together to cherish their bond with sweet rituals and gifting.

The most beautiful thing about Indian culture is that it is all about valuing relationships and reinforcing them in a positive way. All our festivals hint at the value of having a family and the beauty of festivities gets doubled when your loved ones are around. Raksha Bandhan is no different. Despite bringing the siblings closer, it also becomes an occasion for the whole family to come together.

With Raksha Bandhan right around the corner, we are here to help you think of the best Rakhi gift ideas for your sister that will definitely bring a smile to her face.

Reasons For Putting Together Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Sister This Raksha Bandhan

While browsing through Rakhi gifts online for your sister, you should keep the following points in mind:

●      They Are A Great Way To Express Your Love And Appreciation

When you put in an articulate effort to pick out adorable and useful gifts for your sister, your effort is going to melt your sibling’s heart. 

●      It Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Thoughtful gifts embody your love, admiration and gratitude towards your siblings. It provides a positive stimulus for your relationship and helps in creating lasting memories.

●      It Respects Her Individuality

When you think of Rakhi gifts for your sister that aligns with her preferences, you are actually giving respect to her individuality. Thoughtful gifting is the way to go, when we talk about bringing a smile to our loved ones' faces.

Rakhi Gifts for Sister

If you are in two minds about choking the right Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for your sister, allow us to handhold you through the process by presenting some fascinating gift options:

1.    Cups and Mugs

Cat Paw Sippers

Cups and mugs make for a great gifting option while talking about Rakhi Gift ideas for sister. There are so many beautiful mugs in Tinyminymo, that you are going to be absolutely spoiled for choice. The love glitter sipper, donut mug and cat paw sipper from the website are absolutely stunning.

2.    Cute Diaries

Girl boss diary

If you are putting together amazing gift ideas for sister under Rs 500, we suggest you think about some cute diaries and journals for her. Tinyminymo has a dedicated range of diaries and notebooks that are going to greatly appeal to your sister. Their plush duck diary, astronaut diary gift set, girl boss spiral diary are some exquisite options for you to choose from.

3.    Quirky Keychains

Plush Raccoon Keychain

We truly believe that keychains are a very functional, versatile and portable accessory that qualifies as a great rakhi gift idea for sister. You can head to Tinyminymo and check out some gorgeous keychains like the Starbucks coffee keychain or a Plush raccoon keychain. There are so many cute and adorable designs with them to choose from.

4.    Soft Toys

Sitting lion soft toy

Ah! The good old soft toys. Soft toys have a unique ability to evoke feelings of love, warmth and comfort. When given as a Rakhi gift to sister, she will immediately form an emotional connection with the soft toy and cherish it for times to come. Tinyminymo’s Kawaii animal plushie toy, sheep with sling bag soft toy and sitting lion soft toy are amongst our personal favourites.

5.    Unique Lamps

Vintage Street style desk lamp

There is no denying the fact that quirky lamps are an absolute conversation starter. They have a very functional purpose and you can choose from a wide range of designs to ensure that your gift is in resonance with your sister’s interests. If your sis is a dog lover, we suggest you check out the Puppy Silicone Night Lamp on Tinyminymo. The vintage street night light is as adorable as it gets lit and the Love Neon Light Pink light is absolutely gorgeous. Your sister can place these lamps by her bedside or office table, and everytime she looks at them, she will be reminded of you.  


This Raksha Bandhan, it would be a great idea to present some splendid gifts to your sister that will make her go ‘aww’. All the options that are mentioned above, are so unique in their own ways and they shall enable you to elevate the charm of your Raksha Bandhan celebrations. No matter what you choose, make sure that you do it with a lot of love and that feeling will translate into the joy that your sister will experience upon receiving the Rakhi gift. After all, above everything else, it’s always the thought that matters the most while giving a gift. Tinyminymo is one such platform for online gifting. So, choose from an amazing collection of Rakhi gifts and gift something uncommon this festival.

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