Quirky & Uncommon Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts

How can one best express gratitude to customers for their business? What about the loyalty of the employees? Of course, corporate gift ideas are still a thoughtful way for your company to express gratitude to both clients and staff. With a corporate gift, your company can express "thank you for your business" or "your loyalty is appreciated" provided it is chosen with thoughts and practicality. Additionally, you can put a special touch on your Corporate gifts through personalisation to demonstrate to your receivers that you have gone the extra mile. Corporate gifts can be provided for a variety of occasions, including holidays, new hires, marketing campaigns, and even the development of internal cultures. Business gift ideas inspire your clients to act, raise brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression.

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important?

A corporate gift is any gift that a business gives to its employees, clients, or partners. The most common thing in all corporate gifts is that they ought to respect all professional boundaries. Unique client gift ideas can be a well-considered memento that acknowledges the special bond between your company and the client. You should pick one of the creative corporate gift ideas so that the recipient can always feel connected through your present. Many studies indicate that, unlike digital media, tangible gifts such as corporate gifts make it easier for people to understand the value of business and provide lasting memories. Lasting impressions lead to brand awareness, paving the way for loyalty and goodwill of the business.

9 Quirky & Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

As 2023 is coming to an end and 2024 approaches to rise, now is the perfect time to consider your corporate gift ideas for clients and employees. Tinyminymo has brought to you the compilation of the best business gift ideas.

1.    Vintage Car Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

Vintage Car Speaker

Are you looking for a corporate gift for your automobile industry-related client? Well, we have something unique for you. The Bluetooth speaker shaped like a vintage classic car is a fantastic combination of nostalgia and modern technology. Not only this is a stylish and distinctive old car as a beautiful desk accessory, but it's also a top-notch music system that ensures a thoroughly enjoyable time. With Tinyminymo, you can find this gift item which is designed in the vintage style. It comes in two premium colours namely Royal Mahogany and American Walnut to bring a touch of traditional elegance to any environment.

2.    Poker King and Queen Lapel Pin

Poker King and Queen Lapel Pin

Presenting the Poker King and Queen Lapel Pin, an incredibly well-made piece of jewellery, can instantly upgrade your look. This lapel pin guarantees longevity and an opulent touch because it is made of premium, high-quality materials. It is the ideal accent for your outfit for parties or any special occasion because of its superb design which guarantees an attractive appearance. You can gift this metallic lapel pin as a symbol of regality to your employees to sign them a royal touch.

3.    Cute Bear Silicone Night Light

Cute Bear Silicone Night Light

Here is the Cute Bear Silicone Night Light, a thoughtful addition that combines practicality and cuteness in your living area. Made from premium materials, this gorgeous lamp as a corporate gift can be useful for two purposes, one as a stunning ornamental item and the other as a light source. Its charming and adorable design is quite eye-catching and will quickly give your living room or bedroom more brightness and a whimsical touch. Our environmentally friendly corporate gift makes sure that your night is always filled with vibrant colours.

4.    Astronaut with Moon Lamp

Astronaut with moon lamp

If you are thinking of presenting a unique corporate gift to your clients or employees for their decor then you can visit Tinyminymo. We have this celestial desk accessory as the best and most unique decor gift. The Astronaut with Moon Lamp will elevate your space-themed home décor to new heights. This oddball creativity is more than simply a lamp but a miniature artwork that brings a whimsical touch to any corner of your house. The charming illumination of the moon, accompanied by a cute astronaut, can elevate your workplace as well.

5.    Happy Animal Resin Piggy bank

Happy Animal Resin Piggy bank

Are your company catering services to toy industry clients? TinyMinyMo brings you the Happy Animal Resin Piggy Bank as your adorable and charming savings partner. This piggy bank showcases an incredible work of art as well as a money-saving system. It's a great present for your employees adding value to the process of saving money. Our Happy Animal Resin Piggy banks come in four eye-catching designs including Happy Horse, Happy Cow, Happy Cat, and Happy Elephant. 

6.    Astronaut Mobile Holder

Astronaut Mobile Holder

You can get unique corporate gifts online at Tinyminymo, where this Astronaut Mobile Holder is a part of our exclusive collection. We take great pleasure in offering a wide range of quirky and unique client gift ideas for your special occasions. Our Astronaut Mobile Holder is not just a functional accessory but also adds a touch of fun and joy to your space.

7.    Football Silicone Touch Lamp

Football Silicone Touch Lamp

Since football is one of the most popular sports in the world, many employees in your company might be football fans who would find this silicone touch lamp to be the perfect corporate gift. This lamp is a great option if you want to give your space a sports feel. It can be a charming addition to your bedside table, a beautiful piece of home decor or a pleasant addition to your desk.

8.    Dinosaur Egg Pen Stand

Dinosaur Egg Pen Stand

Everyone in the office or out of the office works with a pen which is very useful to note down the To-do list or other important things. If your business is involved in the paperwork or documentation all the time then our Dinosaur Egg Pen Stand is a perfect corporate gift for your employees. You can keep your desk looking fashionable and organised at the same time by using this pen stand to put your pencils and pens neatly in one place.

9.    Avenger Bobbleheads

Avenger Bobbleheads

Is your client a hardcore fan of the Marvel Universe? If you know this is the case then you can gift them our Avenger Bobbleheads without thinking too much. This is one of the best corporate gift ideas for clients and employees who wish to join the superhero team someday. From Tinyminymo, you can find Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Thanos, and Iron Man Bobbleheads.

Wrapping Up

Plan out the details of your company-wide campaign before choosing your corporate gifting option. With a clear plan for your corporate gifts, you can visit Tinyminymo, an online gift shop to explore a variety of gift options. Pick and place orders for your clients and employees.

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