New year is just around the corner, and while you prepare for a prosperous and a beautiful new year, you can bring in the gleam and festivity to your home through beautiful neon lights or soft-warm lights. These lights will make your house feel more homely and warm. They can be decorative items for the bedroom or great present ideas for your loved ones as you welcome the new year. Here are our top 5 budget-friendly lights that will brighten up your home instantly!!

1.  Star LED Curtain Light  


    Price: 799/-

    Add a vintage/retro vibe to your living space using this sophisticated and chic Star LED curtain light. The unique and aesthetic design of the light goes with almost any kind of ambience and this is one of the most versatile present ideas for your loved ones as well. Hang these lights at your desired spots and feel the room come alive with this beautiful star LED curtain light!!

    2. Photo- Clip String Light

     Photo Clip Light

           Price: 599/- (Currently available for Rs.475/-)

    These lights have been doing the rounds on everyone’s social media feeds forever now, and it’s time that you got your hands on these Pinterest perfect lights yourself! Give any room a nostalgic makeover with these photo-clip string lights that help you re-live the fond and cherished memories as you ring in the new year. With their easy and convenient to use nature, all you need to do is select a room and choose your favorite pictures and you are all set to add a warm and welcoming home decor item!!

    3. String Fairy Light- Unicorn

     String Fairy Light  String Fairy Light

        Price: 499/-

    Fairies are magical and unicorns are mystical. Behold a beautiful home decor accessory that combines the two to make a unique and cute decorative item for the bedroom, or any room for that matter. These lights are subtle and soft, and their radiant finish spans up to 150 cms in length. Just plug it in and make any room more magical and mystical with these string unicorn fairy lights.

    4. Cinematic Light Box


            Price: 899/-

    Lights, camera, action! Bring home the essence and magic of cinema with this Cinematic Light Box, perfect for movie buffs who want to have movie marathons in the comfort of their living rooms. Film geeks and movie enthusiasts can even give their workspace a vintage boost with this customizable cinematic lightbox that lets you place your favorite phrases or quotes easily!!


    5. Dinosaur Light


    Price: 299/-

    These quaint and cute dinosaur lights are perfect for your kid’s bedroom and comes in 4 unique colors. They can choose as per their preferences - mint green, white, pink, and yellow. They can light up any dull corner or a bedside table! Thanks to their creative design and bright illuminating light that can also serve as a night light for the little ones.

    We hope you have a very happy and Prosperous new Year!!

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