The Top Cute Magical Unicorn Gifts For Kids And Adults


It’s winter, and it is safe to say that the holiday season is upon us. From Christmas to New Year, there are a lot of festivities that are just around the corner. Considering that the festive season is approaching, it’s time to pick out the gifts for our loved ones. One of the most important aspects of gifting is to keep in mind that the gift should be thoughtful, meaning it should be useful to your loved one, and it should also be unique enough to remind them of you. One of the best ways of expressing your love and affection is through gifting. If your loved ones love to escape into the world of fantasy and dreams, rainbows and unicorns, it may be hard to get good quality unicorn-theme gifts for them. But you need not worry because we at Tinyminymo have got you covered. Cute unicorn items make the perfect evergreen gift to make anyone smile. We have the perfect unicorn-theme gifts for both kids and adults that they are sure to fall in love with!


Cutest Unicorn-theme Gifts For Kids

Here’s a list of some of the most useful unicorn gifts for kids that you can include in your gift-shopping agenda this festive season: 

1. Cute Magical Unicorn Sticky Notes:

Cute Magical Unicorn Sticky Notes

One of the best ways to make learning fun for a child is unique and cute stationery items. Thus, these unicorn-theme sticky notes would not only make your child excited about learning, but they also make a great gifting option and are affordable.

  2. Cute Unicorn Sipper Bottle for Kids

Cute Unicorn Sipper Bottle for Kids

To make school more fun for a child, consider this unicorn sipper bottle as a gift option that would make them very happy.

   3. Cute Squishy Unicorn Notebook:

Cute Squishy Unicorn Notebook

An excellent quality that would help a child even in the future is journaling their thoughts, ideas and dreams. And this cute squishy unicorn diary or notebook would help them do precisely that. If they already are born writers, then these notebooks make the perfect unicorn birthday gifts too!

 4.  Cute Glitter Unicorn Gel Pen:

Cute Glitter Unicorn Gel Pen

When a child just switches from writing with a pencil to a pen, it becomes their obsession to collect more cute pens. One of the best unicorn gifts for kids would be this cute and beautiful glitter unicorn pen.

 5. Cute Unicorn Plush Fur Diary:

Cute Unicorn Plush Fur Diary

This cute plush unicorn diary would get any child excited to put down their thoughts, dreams and bucket lists.

 6. Cute Mini Unicorn Eraser:

Cute Mini Unicorn Eraser

If you want to give essential stationery to a child, this mini unicorn-theme eraser would be a great choice.

 7.  Cute Unicorn LED Gel Pen:

Cute Unicorn LED Gel Pen


You could also consider gifting this unique unicorn-theme LED pen to your child, younger brother or sister. Stationery at this stage is an exciting thing for kids and these pens make the perfect unicorn gifts for them.

 8.  Cute Unicorn Fur Diary:

Cute Unicorn Fur Diary

Cute Unicorn Fur diaries are always incredibly fun and very unique. This unicorn-theme one is thus a great gifting choice to a kid.

 9.  Cute Holographic Unicorn Sipper:

Cute Holographic Unicorn Sipper

Yet another great option that you have, if you are considering gifting a cute sipper bottle, is this holographic unicorn sipper that is incredibly pretty and unique and if you’re looking for unicorn birthday gifts, this makes the cut.

Cute Unicorn Gifts for Adults

Kids aren't the only fans of unicorns; adults adore them too! Here are some amazing ideas for unicorn gifts for adults

  1. Cute Unicorn Hair Brush Detangler:

Cute Unicorn Hair Brush Detangler

If your loved one is very conscious about their hair and loves making the perfect hairstyles every single time and is a fan of unicorns, this beautiful Unicorn hairbrush detangler would be the perfect gift to them.

 2.  Cute Unicorn-Theme Coffee Mug:

 Cute Unicorn-Theme Coffee Mug

A morning beverage is a necessity for almost everyone. So whether your loved one loves coffee or tea for their morning refreshment, you should consider gifting them this beautiful and cute unicorn mug. It is quite a thoughtful gift that lets your loved ones know that you care for them and know them.

 3.  Cute Magical Unicorn Ceramic Mug:

 Cute Magical Unicorn Ceramic Mug

If you want something different from the above-listed mug but still want the unicorn-theme, this magical uniform mug is another option you should consider. It is made of ceramic and is perfect for a morning cup of coffee or tea.

 4. Cute Unicorn Eye Mask:

Cute Unicorn Eye Mask

When “hustle culture” is all the rage in this day and age, we all just relax and ensure that we have a good night’s sleep. You could, of course, want that for your loved one as well. There is thus a no better way to assure them that you care about them than gifting them this unicorn eye mask that they would surely love. A good night’s sleep and something that matches the criteria of unicorn gifts for adults: these are a win-win.

 5.  Cute Unicorn Mason sipper:

Cute Unicorn Mason Sippers

Yet another important thing that we must take care of to keep our body functioning healthily is staying hydrated. So ensure that your loved one stays hydrated by gifting them this cute unicorn mason sipper that they can carry to work, gym and even use while at home.

 6.  Cute Unicorn Phone Holder:

Cute Unicorn Phone Holder

Phones have become an inevitable part of our lives and, indeed, we cannot operate thoroughly without them. Now, even accessorizing your phone has become essential important to make it even more functional. For example, suppose your loved one is someone whose work is quite dependent on their phone. You could gift them this unicorn phone holder that is not only useful but also very pretty.

 7.  Scented Unicorn Sanitizer:

 Unicorn Scented Sanitizer

Considering the pandemic ravaging lives for two years now, you need to be very careful and follow proper guidelines such as wearing masks, using sanitizers and maintaining social distancing. But you can make the following guidelines fun for your loved one too by gifting them this scented unicorn-theme sanitizer. This way, their favourite unicorn items can help fight viruses too! 

 8.  Cute Mini Unicorn Lamp:

Cute Mini Unicorn Lamp

Besides being super useful, lamps play an important role in our home décor. So if you are looking for a cute but affordable unicorn gifts for adults as a gifting option, this mini unicorn-theme lamp is ideal and is a gift that anyone would love!

 9.  Cute Unicorn Colour Changing Lamp:

Cute Unicorn Colour Changing Lamp

If you want to have more fun with your unicorn gifts but are still looking for a unicorn-theme lamp, check out this colour-changing one. It is one of the best gifting options.

 10.  Cute Sequin Unicorn Sling Bag:

Cute Unicorn Sequin Sling Bag

Bags are an essential part of our daily routine, so give your loved one this beautiful unicorn-theme sequin sling bag that is cute and very effective (especially to store their favourite unicorn things!) in everyday life.


Now that you have seen our whole range of unicorn-theme products and gifting options for both kids and adults, on any occasion, be it Valentine day gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or New Year gifts. There are always significant advantages of choosing the Tinyminymo website to buy gifts from. Firstly, we practise rigorous quality control, making our website one of the most searched websites on Google for cute gifting options especially cute couple gifts for both the categories gifts under 500 and gifts under 1000. Our bestsellers are usually unicorn-theme products as they are so unique, and it’s not a surprise that you fall in love with them as soon as you check them out!

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