After almost 9 months of staying at home and seething, people have finally started to travel again. There have been many apprehensions and safety concerns regarding traveling while the pandemic is still not over, but we have to adapt and survive. If you or someone you love are quenching their ‘wanderlust’ by traveling again, don’t worry!! We have curated a list of all the essentials you’ll need at the most affordable prices.

1. Fruity Fragrance Travel Paper Soaps

Fruity Fragrance Travel Paper Soaps      Travel Soaps

Price: 99/-

These super cute and adorable paper soaps are absolutely convenient when you’re travelling long distances. Their convenient packaging and easy-to-use nature makes them perfect for all your hygiene needs, and that too at a super affordable price. They also double up as unique gifts for your friends or family travelling with you. They come in different fruit fragrances such as blueberry, cherry, watermelon, pineapple, pear, and strawberry. All you have to do is to take these light flakes which will softly melt into your palms and release a cleansing solution to ensure you wash away all the germs and are left only with fragrant hands!!

2. Rainbow Luggage Tag

Rainbow Travel Tag

Price: 249/-

Give your suitcase or traveling bag a funky update with this Rainbow Luggage Tag, which can be easily attached to any piece of baggage you have. Travel in style and easily locate your luggage. It’s the perfect gift, present to give to your travel enthusiast friend or a family member who is visiting. Buy it for yourself or gift it as a souvenir to your near and dear ones, it is just too adorable to be missed!!

3. Scented Unicorn Sanitizer

Scented Sanitizer

Price: 125/-

In 2020, carrying a sanitizer has become a must. It might even be more important than carrying your passport! To ensure that you steer clear of any infection and remain safe, get this Scented Unicorn Sanitizer as It comes in a cute and unique packaging. Apart from being visually attractive, it contains 70% IPA to ensure all germs are killed and is super fragrant for you to have a pleasant experience!!

4.Dreamer Plush Eye Mask

Dreamer Plush Eye Mask    Dreamer Plush Eye Mask

If you have a long flight, it is obvious that you will need a good nap during and after the flight to avoid possible jet lag. Even if a loved one is travelling long distances, these Dreamer Eye Plush Masks make for unique gifts that can help them relax and get that relaxing sleep. Shut down the world after a tiring day, or tone down the turbulence with these velvety eye masks that come in two unique colors: Pink and White!!

5. Unicorn Hard Case

Unicorn Earphone Case

Price: 375/-

While traveling, it is pretty easy to lose track of your things. But don’t worry! This Unicorn Hard Case is super compact and functional and keeps your essentials such as earphones, charging wires, lipsticks, and much more safe and accessible. Simply zip up your things in this adorable case and you won’t have to rummage through your purse to find them. Moreover, it can also be used to keep your keys, cash, or coins, when you’re traveling so that you keep all these essentials handy and have quicker and smoother access to them!!

6. Plush Shark Slippers

Plush Shark Sippers

Price: 1,150/-

 Extensive traveling can take a toll on your feet which can ruin your vacation plans. This is why you need to pamper them while you commute through flights or trains with these Plush Shark Slippers that cushion your feet and make you feel as if you’re walking in air. Their quirky design might also help you strike up a few conversations and make a few new friends while you travel. They also double as unique gifts to give to your friends and family, thanks to their creative and fun design!

Now that you have your essentials, you can travel again without any worries or fears. These travelling essentials can also be excellent and unique gifts for your friends or family who are visiting you after a long time!!

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