Ways to celebrate a fantastic Friendship Day this year!

We all know that International Friendship Day is just around the corner, but this year and the last have turned the world upside down. The raging pandemic that has been storming the globe has had us say goodbye to many of our loved ones, not just family members but also friends. And we cannot survive without either. Friends not only enrich your life by sticking through the thick and thins in your life, but they also keep you healthy! It’s not so outlandish, though, because friends take on the personal responsibility to lift you whenever you feel sad. Sometimes our friends become as important as our family, enough that you could even call them your family. With quarantines and lockdowns in place worldwide, it sure is difficult to celebrate friendships day, but you can’t possibly just pass on such a day to celebrate with your friends, quarantine or not. However, certain precautions are, of course, necessary, and that’s where we got you covered. We have listed ways that you could celebrate this year’s friendship day with equal enjoyment as you have done over the years! Also, keep reading to find out more about  friendship day gift ideas.


In 1935, a United States proclamation declared that every year the first Sunday of August would be celebrated as a day to commemorate and cherish the bond we have with our friends. This year 2023, Friendship Day would be celebrated on 6th August and as you can see it’s almost here. So here are the things that you could do with your friends this year.


Share a photo collage of you and your friends on social media:

A few days before the big day, start collecting photos of your friends with you. Comb your profiles and theirs to find out photos from ages ago to go into a photo collage that you could share on Friendship Day. This might not seem a lot, but it is a lovely gesture to show how much you love your friends. When you share the collage on social media, you could also write a heartfelt caption about how much your friends mean to you. 

Tell your friends how much they mean to you:

This might seem a follow-up on the previous point, but you see, we owe our friends a lot. And here, we mean that we owe them a lot emotionally, not materialistically. That is because they stick by us in every walk of life. So, a text or a call showing how much you care about them and love them would make their day this year. 

Make friendship bracelets:

This point would remind most of you of your childhood. Remember the times in junior or middle school when you used to buy or make friendship bracelets and tie them around all of your friend’s wrists? This year would be perfect to start that tradition and remind your friends of the good times you have had together.

Send your friends gifts or flowers online:

You probably can’t meet up with your friends this year, but thanks to technology, you can always send them gifts online! If your friends love chocolates or flowers, you know what to get them. You can also search the Internet for anything specific that your friend would like. A gift would cheer them up in these difficult times and bring a smile on their faces.

Plan a virtual party:

A virtual party on this year’s friendship day is one of the most remarkable things you could do to bring a smile to your friends face. Plus, it would also make for unforgettable memories even if you might not be with each other physically. The best thing about a virtual party is that you are all in your homes with no rules to abide by, so you can get a bit too crazy with the partying!

Have a digital movie night:

What better way to spend a weekend than to binge-watch movies or series all day long on Netflix? But there’s no fun in doing that alone. So, this year, plan a movie marathon with your friends for Friendships Day and binge-watch anything you want together! It would be like a streaming party all day long, which would add to the amazing memories you have had with your friends over the years.

Take online classes together:

You might be thinking of those baking classes for months now, or you could be planning to learn French for years, but you just haven’t had the time. Well, it’s quarantine now, so it’s time to start focusing on your hobbies. Moreover, if your friend has the same hobbies, you could join an online course together this Friendships Day. You know, of course, classes are always more fun with your best friends around.

Start an exclusive tradition with your friends:

Normally, you hang out with    your friends at a shopping spree or in the arcade on Friendship’s day, but this isn’t a normal year. This is the year when you try something new for Friendships Day, starting a tradition. It could be as simple as baking cookies on a video call, but we assure you, a little tradition goes a long way, just like your friendship.                                                                                    


    Most of the above points are easy to follow through, but deciding on what to gift your friend is tough. Tinyminymo has several collections of gifts that you could choose from to gift your best friend. So here are some cool and cute friendships day gift ideas to get your friend this Friendships Day.

    1. Standing Light Box with White Board:

    We all need words of encouragement more often than not, especially when the world is in a dire state. This backlit Whiteboard is a perfect gift for your friend because they can write encouraging messages on them every day, and it’ll be like you are reminding them to be strong; like a good friend always sticking by their side. You can even customize quotes on it before sending to them as a gentle reminder for them to how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

    2. Diary Set:


    Free Writing is an excellent way to process our feelings. This Flamingo Diary set will help your friend do so whenever they are in an emotionally pressurizing situation.

    3. Diamond String Lights:


    A great way to cheer your friend up this Friendships Day would be to gift them Diamond String lights that they can use as home decor to light up their home and fill it with positivity.


    4. Unicorn Notebook


    If you want to commemorate this Friendship Day then this Unicorn Diary Gift set is the perfect functional keepsake. Encourage them to pen down their bucket list, their goals, aspirations and positive affirmations. 

    5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Central Perk Keychain


    If ‘no one told you life was going to be this way’ then we are here for you! If you read the above line with the friend's theme tune playing in your head then trust me, this Central Perk Keychain is the perfect gift you can pick for your fellow ‘Friends’ aficionado. 

    Decoration Ideas For Friendship Day

    If you are looking for some friendship day party ideas, allow us to guide you with some outstanding options:


    • A Friendship Wall

    This is one of the best decoration ideas for a friendship day party. You can have a dedicated wall where your friends can put in their messages and feelings for each other. This wall will become a nice focal point for your party and it will be a good keepsake for years to come. 


    • A Photo Booth 

    You can also have a gorgeous set up, where your friends can get together and get their pictures clicked. You can either take the help of a professional decorator or rack your own brain to think of a creative theme for a photo booth at your Friendship Day party. 


    • Friendship Bracelets 

    I don't think anything qualifies for some of the best things to do for Friendship’s Day better than DIY friendship bracelets. You can have a number of quirky decorative items such as beads, threads, and maybe some picture charms to let your friends create some cute friendship bracelets for each other. 

    Tinyminymo is not only a great place to buy cute gifts online for your friends and family but for yourself too. With their excellent delivery and customer service, you can always count on them to get your orders delivered on time. A huge variety of cute and quirky products await your presence, so go and find the best pick for your friends!

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