Children’s Day Gift Ideas As Per Your Kid’s Choice

Children’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect opportunity to seek Children’s Day gift ideas and look for some useful gifts for kids. We all love our kids and want to pamper them with our love and affection. Children’s Day is one such occasion when you want your child to feel extra pampered and loved. The following list of Children’s Day gift ideas will make you out of the perfect surprise for your darling child to make him/her feel extra special.

But are you wondering about when Children's day is celebrated across the world? World Children's Day is celebrated on the 20th of November to commemorate the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1959.[1] However, in India, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November as a homage to India‘s first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru who was known to have a profound love for children. He famously remarked, “Children are the Future of India”.

Pt. Nehru believed education is essential for every child. He helped set up some of India's most reputed schools and educational institutions today. This day is dedicated to the celebration of childhood and their innocence. Various events and programs are organised in schools across the country to celebrate them. Children’s Day is looked forward to every year by kids across the country.

This year, make your kid’s Children’s Day celebration all the more beautiful by getting some gifts for Children's day as per your kid’s choice. Glance through this list of 9 Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas and make a choice that your child will enjoy. Ordering children's day gifts online is even easier with cute and quirky gifts being available on TinyMinyMo, especially for children.

How to Celebrate Children’s Day with your Little Ones?

“Children are our most valuable resource.” – Herbert Hoover

 Children are the most valuable members of society. We need to nurture them with love and teach them the right values. On Children’s Day take some time out to spend with them and do what they enjoy! There’s no harm in becoming a kid with a kid for a day!

Here’s what all you can do to make the day special for them when they are done with special events at school.

1. Take them out for a picnic –

There’s nothing more wholesome like a family picnic where everyone spends quality time.This is one of the best ideas for Children’s Day as your time is one of the most valuable things that you can give to your child. You can pack your kid’s favourite snacks and have a nice and relaxed time at a park or by the beach.

2. Plan a Costume Party –

Plan a costume party where kids can dress up as whatever they like! This is also an amazing Children’s Day celebration idea as it will enable your kid to exercise his/her imagination and revel in the thrill of looking and feeling like their favourite cartoon/superhero character. 

3. Movie Marathon –

Watch the kid’s favourite movies on Netflix and enjoy a movie marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn! When we talk about Children’s Day gift ideas for students, a fun movie time is always a good idea. 

4.  Visit an Old Age Home or an Orphanage –

Spread some joy with the less unfortunate on this day and let them celebrate the day too. Kids are most loved by grandparents and bring immense joy to old-age people. Visit a retirement home or an old age home and bring smiles to their faces. You will teach your kids a sense of compassion.

5. Bake/Cook Together

Baking a cake together or cooking some pasta/spaghetti with your child can be an amazing bonding experience with your child. This is definitely a unique Children’s Day celebrating idea. 

Children’s Day Decoration Ideas

While putting together Children’s Day decoration ideas, make sure that you infuse an element of surprise and an abundance of colours. 

  • You can fill their room with colourful balloons and hang DIY banners to elevate the charm of celebrations. 
  • You can even adhere the decorations to a theme; such as your kid’s favourite superhero movie or any character of their choice. 
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers with chocolates will also bring a smile to your kid’s face. 


9 Gifting Ideas for Children’s Day

Make your kids feel special on this Children’s Day by spreading love and cheer. We have listed useful gifts for kids that they’ll enjoy. You can find these unique gifts online, saving you your time and effort on TinyMinyMo.

Are you planning to get some useful gifts for kids as per their choice? Then you can look at gifting Cute Stationery Items. School-going kids are always excited about cute stationeries. Gift them a Dinosaur Pen, cute cactus pen, or a color-changing flower pen, and see the joy on their face. There are various options of cute stationery items online available on TinyMinyMo that your kids will love. From a donut eraser to cute animal sticky notes, from unicorn ice cream pens to fur diary sets, there are countless options to choose from.

1. Mini Flower Paper Cutter

Flower paper cutter

Do you have a kid who enjoys art and crafts? Then a mini flower paper cutter is a perfect choice. Doesn’t that look cute? Made from ABS plastic they are available in various pastel shades like Mint Green, Pink, and Purple.

2. Mini Unicorn Spiral Diary

 Mini unicorn spiral diary

Do you have a daughter who is obsessed with unicorns and unicorn merchandise? Then she’ll love jotting down her thoughts and to-do lists on this cute Mini unicorn spiral diary. This is made of high-quality paper has three separations and is available in cute colours like white, pink, purple, and even multi colours.


3. Astronaut LED Desk Lamp

 Astronaut LED Desk lamp

Does your son or daughter dream about being an astronaut? Are they obsessed with space and planets? Let their imagination run wild by getting this table lamp and they’ll thank you for buying these Children's day gifts online. This Astronaut LED Desk Lamp is made of ABS plastic and can be charged through USB (included). It has an On/OFF switch on the side and can double as a night lamp for your kid’s room.

4. 3D Olaf Key Chain

3D Olaf Keychain

Kids love hanging key chains from their school bags. And if they are Frozen fans they’ll enjoy this 3D Olaf keychain which is made from soft rubber. You will find multiple options from various cartoon characters if you are looking at key chains as kid’s gift ideas.

5. Mini Mirror Table Lamp

Mini mirror table lamp

Kids love decorating their rooms and study tables. Gift them this Multifunctional Mini Mirror Table Lamp with a flexible neck and a mirror. It has a cute Hello Kitty design and is a perfect choice for gifts for children's day. This table lamp is made from ABS plastic and can be charged through a USB.

6. Unicorn Pencil Pouch

Unicorn pencil pouch

Gift your child a unicorn pencil pouch or a plush unicorn zipper pouch to bring a smile to her face. This can be used for storing knick-knacks, pencils, pens, art supplies, or stationery items.  Your princesses will love these.

7. Unicorn Silicone Bag

Unicorn sling bag

If your little princess is into unicorns, she can never resist this cute Unicorn Sling Bag. She can carry this adjustable zipper sling bag to school or on vacation. This makes for an adorable Children's day gift idea.  It is spacious enough to fit phones, money, earphones, and stationery. Isn’t it really cute?

8. Harry Potter 3D Key Chain

Harry potter 3D Keychain

Your son can’t resist Harry Potter, can he? Gift him this Harry Potter 3D key chain made from soft rubber that he can hand in his school bag. You can even find key chains of Hermione, Draco Malfoy, and many other characters from Harry Potter.

9. Candy Glitter Notebook

Candy Glitter keychain

Kids love journaling and writing their thoughts down in notebooks. Gift them this Candy Glitter Notebook and add some glam to their stationery collection. These are easy-to-carry notebooks and kids can jot down all their To-Do lists, brainstorm ideas, and doodle their masterpieces.


Aren’t these some useful gift for kids that they’ll love to flaunt and use? Buying Children's day gifts online is super easy on TinyMinyMo because there are innumerable varieties of kid’s gift ideas available on the site. You can place an order from the comfort of your home and get the gifts delivered to your doorstep. Who doesn’t like to avoid the traffic and the hassle of parking these days? If you are wondering about delivery timing and the gifts reaching on time, worry not. Our products are always in stock, and once you place the order, the order is ready to be shipped within 48 hours. Be rest assured that your gifts for Children's day will reach you before time making the day even more special.

Happy Shopping!

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