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It's that time of year again—the weather begins to chill off, vacations are over and the dreaded school supply list is delivered to homes. No matter how you feel about the back-to-school season, your child will require the proper school stationery supplies to prepare them for success in their new grade. You'll undoubtedly need to buy some folders and loose-leaf paper, but we've got everything else covered for your kids' most successful school year yet. Think of this as your coolest back-to-school school stationery items shopping list ever. In our daily lives, school stationery supplies are crucial. Any student in his/her early school, primary school, secondary school, high school, or college needs stationery. Additionally crucial is the school's administrative and instructor stationery. We can easily complete any craft or artistic project by using essential stationery items.

But what school stationery supplies should I buy? What is the list of stationery items for students? These are the inquiries that occasionally cross everyone's minds. Different stationery items are used at school for a variety of duties by students, teachers, and administration.

You're not alone if you find yourself adding binders, notebooks, pencils, and crayons to your cart as a wave of nostalgia sweeps over you. Sending little children off to elementary school, watching middle school grads enter the busier halls of high school, or relocating your not-so-little one into a college dorm may be immensely bittersweet on top of remembering your own school days in the past. One of the best things you can do to help them on their path to higher education is to give them the resources they need to thrive in these settings. Additionally, it's a different approach to sneak in some parent-child time during stationery shopping.

Pack Your School Bag Uniquely With These Cute & Quirky School Stationery Items For The New Session:


The #1 item on back-to-school stationery item lists always seems to be the one-subject notebooks. Cute notebooks always attract. Have a look at tropical print notebook at TinyMinyMo that is incredibly reasonable so that your child has a different one to bring to each lesson.

Tropical print notebook


Even though many schools these days use laptops, writing is still valued in the classroom. And no matter where the technology goes and no matter how much we grow up, pencils will always be a go-to to write down notes or something important. TinyMinyMo has a cute stationery collection of school supplies pencils like Harry Potter pencils, pineapple mechanical pencils and many other school stationery items. Give your simple pencil a new look with Kawaii animal pencil caps.

Harry Potter pencil


It goes without saying that pens are probably the most important thing in essential school stationery items and you know you can never miss one in lectures or class. TinyMinyMo has this beautiful pen collection that has to be in the school cute pens like dancing astronaut gel pen, lucky flower dino gel pen and kitty confetti pen.

Dancing Astronaut pen


Whenever it comes down to school stationery items, Eraser is the basic and foremost school stationery items that comes to our mind! Checkout cute erasers at TinyMinyMo like cute animal erasers and  bread erasers to pack your kids' stationery for school in the cutest way!

 Bread Erasers


Pencils will always be king, despite the fact that many schools have switched from using traditional school stationery supplies to tablets and laptops. Using the 2 in-1 chick mechanical sharpener and little bear pencil sharpener, you can guarantee that your kid has a sharp pencil when they need school stationery.

Mechanical sharpener


Remember the days when we all had those fancy rulers in our maths classes and having that essential stationery item would make you feel that you are the best in the entire class. Yes, TinyMinyMo has these cute rulers like dinosaur wooden ruler that are a must in the school stationery!

Dino wooden ruler

Pencil Pouch

Some people prefer to have access to all of their school stationery supplies immediately. Fortunately for them, TinyMinyMo has cute pencil cases to offer like plush Doraemon zipper pouch, plush hello kitty zipper pouch and Unicorn eva pencil case that accommodate everything they require, including their colourful choice of ink pens and sticky note pads. It's spacious enough to hold their materials while being manageably small to fit neatly in their desk or backpack.

 Unicorn pencil pouch

Water Bottle

Even though getting your kids to drink enough water throughout the day might be difficult, this Tiger bottle and penguin water bottle elevate hydration to a whole new level. Give these cute and unique bottles to your kids so that you can keep track of their water intake level and carrying their own bottles will also keep them hygienic!

 Tiger water bottle


Keychains are like playthings for kids. They love to hang the keychains in the bags and show their identity with the keyrings. You can see some cute keychains at TinyMinyMo like lucky goku 3D keychain, rainbow keychain, and unicorn keychains that are adorable!

 Unicorn Keychain

Some Other  Stationery Items You Would Want to Add in Your Kids Stationery


This cute animal mini planner diary and cute kitten pocket diary gives you two options: you can use it to keep track of your children's appointments and assignments, or your child can use it for their assignments. There is enough room to write everything down. It is a must-include in the list of stationery items for students.

 Cute animal mini planner


The essential component of taking notes is highlighting, Highlighters become necessary stationery item as you grow up! Instead of writing everything down, you would want to have your important notes highlighted with TinyMinyMo cute highlighters with stackable avocado stick highlighters and pastel click highlighters.

 stack-able Avocado highlighter


With Nomo duck glue stick and dino glue stick, make your kids school stationery and projects even more cool! Their hands won’t get dirty and the work will be done easily and neatly. Keep it on a priority in your kids school stationery items list.

 Dino Glue stick

Paper Cutter

Paper cutters are a must have in kids' stationery pouch. Keeping them comparatively safer, leads to creative minds while doing crafts. These cute nomo duck paper cutter, Kawaii bird paper cutter can be carried easily in with the other stationery for school and are some of the best paper cutters for the school stationery item.

 Kawaii bird paper cutter

So, where do you begin? Once their closets are loaded with fall essentials, they should move on to in-class necessities, dorm rooms necessary for teens off to college, and/or homework aids for elementary schoolers. Before making any purchases, it's a good idea to check your email because some professors will send out a list of necessary list of stationery items for students. However, if your inbox is empty, we have you covered. TinyMinyMo is there to fulfill all your necessary stationery supplies requirements that too with cute & unique items. You can also order cute gifts online from TinyMinyMo.

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