Give Your Friendship Day a Boost With These Cute Gifting Ideas

Friendship Day is just around the corner, and it's time to pamper your friend with extra love, attention and gifts! Friendship Day Celebration is about cherishing the beautiful camaraderie amongst friends that is not anchored to any expectation or barter. A relationship that doesn't require any formality and gives you the leverage of being your unfiltered self. This year 2022, International Friendship Day will be celebrated on 7th of August.


How to Celebrate Friendship Day

There are numerous ways in which you can celebrate Friendship day with your friends.

  • You can get swanky bracelets for them as a beautiful keepsake for this day.
  • You can plan a day out with your friends and chit-chat over a coffee or a dinner outing.
  • You can go out for a movie with your friends and make a fun day out of it.
  • You can also plan a trip with your friends if you have the time and your resources allow you to do so.
  • Since social media is an integral part of our lives, it is a good idea to acknowledge your friendship on social media platforms with an adorable photo post. This will bring a smile to your friend’s face.
  • You can also opt for the traditional feel-good things like a cake, card or flowers to celebrate this Friendship Day.
  • Communicate your feelings of appreciation and love verbally to your friends to make them feel special and exemplary.
  • You can binge-watch a television show of your choice with your friend and just ‘Netflix and chill.’
  • You can also celebrate this day by giving sweet ‘friendship day gifts’.



Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friendship Day is a perfect time for you to get creative with your gifting ideas because they deserve that. They are an integral part of your lives, your honest critiques, your perpetual cheerleaders, your support system, your shoulder to cry on and the ones with whom you probably have the best memories. So, here are some cute gifting ideas for friendship day for the special ones in your life:


●      Fruit Ice Cream Water Sipper

This adorable water sipper is the perfect friendship day gift for your friends. It has a beautiful colour gradient and is amongst the top choice for cute friendship day gifts. It is a great way to remind your friend to stay hydrated and every time they will pick up the sipper they will think of you.

 Fruit Ice Cream water sipper


●      Spider-man notebook with Snap-lock

This spider-man notebook is as quirky as it gets. Encourage your friend to pen down his goals, aspirations and affirmations in this notebook. Charge this notebook with your live and good vibes and let it be a perfect friendship day gift for all superhero lovers.

Spiderman Notebook with Snap Lock

●      Friends - door frame Keychain

This keychain is an ideal gift for all the ‘Friends’ fans. The iconic door frame from the sitcom will make an outset keychain gift for your friend if they love this sitcom as much as we do.


●      Superhero pen

All the Marvel and DC fans assemble! These quirky superhero pens are cute, adorable and apt for stationery lovers. You can make an assortment of these pens and gift them to your friends.

Super hero pen

●      Friends - u are my lobster keychain

Nothing celebrates friendship better than a ‘friends’ keepsake. This keychain is a beautiful way to commemorate this friendship day in a fun way.

Friends - Lobster Keychain

●      Panda Phone Holder

This adorable phone holder is something that will bring a smile to your friend’s faces every time they use it. It's quirky, creative, and so cute. You might think that a phone holder is one of the last things you need, but once you get it or gift it, you won't be able to get enough of it.

Panda Phone Holder

●      Friends - Central Perk Keychain

Friends is one of the most popular shows of all time. It paid tribute to friendship and owing to that fact, it amassed a huge fan following. This keychain is a perfect gift for all those fans who cherish their real friends as beautifully as this sitcom.

Central Perk Keychain

●      Kawaii baby animal gel eye mask

If you are looking for some friendship day gift ideas, then this Kawaii baby animal gel eye mask should definitely be on your list. It will help your friend get some shut-eye in style. In addition to that, the gel pads will give added cooling benefits to aid rejuvenation.

Kawaii baby animal gel eye mask

●      Doraemon Bobblehead - Stand by me

This versatile Doraemon Bobblehead doubles as a phone holder, and it is the perfect keepsake to give to your friend this Friendship day. It will be a swanky car accessory, giving you its quirky approval (the nodding) every time you look at it.


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