Make Christmas 2023 Special For Your Kids With These Celebration Ideas

Christmas Gifts for kids

With winter break knocking on the door, it is time to get ready for Christmas celebrations. It’s time to spread the Spirit of Christmas by getting your Christmas tree out and decking up the home. Parents are faced with the challenge often, to make Christmas special for children and create memories for life. You often are wondering which Christmas gift for kids will be best for your child, or what could be the best Christmas party ideas for kids. If you have all these questions in mind we are here to help. Christmas parties are never complete without good food and fun games. Here are some unique Christmas celebration ideas for kids that will ensure they’ll have fun at the party and will be excited with the new gifts.

Special Christmas Vibes for Kids

Christmas is not just about decorating the Christmas tree. It is about family time, spending time doing things together, singing Christmas carols, and making a Christmas feast together. It’s about spreading joy and happiness in the family. Help your kids with these positive reinforcements which will make beautiful memories in their childhood. It is a time when families get together for preparations, making hot chocolates, or baking the Christmas cake! We’ll share some fun activities for kids on Christmas in this post. These Christmas celebration ideas for kids are easy to do and will ensure they have fun.

Christmas celebration ideas for kids

Christmas is that special time of the year and everything about it is delightful – presents, food, lighting or family time. Though it is a single day that is celebrated, preparations often happen much earlier. Let’s see some of the Christmas celebration ideas for kids so that you can make the festival special for kids.

Christmas Gifts for kids

1. Decorating the house with a Christmas tree and Christmas Decor

No Christmas celebration can start without putting up the Christmas tree. In India, people put up artificial Christmas trees and decorate them with fairy lights, stars and a plethora of Christmas ornaments. One of the popular fun activities for kids on Christmas is to make your own DIY Christmas ornaments.  Homemade Christmas ornaments hold special value over store-bought ones.

Here’re some DIY Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids

  • Popsicle stick ornaments – Paint different characters like Elf, Santa, Snowman, and Rudolph on popsicle sticks.
  • Origami Snowflake – Make origami snowflakes with white paper and add silver glitter
  • Twig ornaments – collect a few twigs of different sizes from the park. Glue them to make shapes. Tie red ribbons to bring the festive feel.
  • 3D Paper Snowman – Cut circles out of white paper and fold them in half. Glue the centre lines to make a 3D paper snowman. Add eyes, nose, and hands with coloured paper.
  • Fluffy Santa Ornament – Take white pompoms or cotton balls. Glue in red paper hats to make fluffy Santa.
  • Pasta Christmas Ornaments – Take 5 uncooked shell pasta pieces. Glue them together to form a star. Colour them with metallic gold or silver and hang them on your tree.

Christmas celebration ideas for kids become more personal and engaging when you make your own Christmas ornaments. Kids can bring out their own creativity and take pride in their creations.

2. Cake Mixing

Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas plum cake which is rich in nuts, raisins, and candied fruit peels. There are tons of recipes you can check online and bake one this Christmas. Engage your kids in cake-mixing activities where you soak mixed candied fruit peels and raisins in fruit juices to enhance the flavour. Let them help you in baking the Christmas cake.

3. Christmas Gift Wrapping Activities

Christmas is all about giving and receiving gifts. One of the popular fun activities for kids on Christmas is gift wrapping. Instead of using usual wrapping papers, try going eco-friendly with brown paper, newspaper, and up-cycled shopping bags, or boxes. You could decorate your recycled gift wrapping with dried flowers.

4. Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without a Christmas party with friends and family. Get your children’s friends together for a homely Christmas party. You can throw a Christmas party with special themes in mind. Let us share some Christmas Party Ideas for Kids.

  • Unicorn Christmas Party
  • Cookie Decoration party – where kids engage in decorating cookies
  • Santa and Elves Party – where kids dress up as Santa and elves
  • Gnome Party – Get the fancy dress spirit going
  • Cookies and Cocoa party – a party laced with yummy cookies and hot chocolate 

5. Secret Santa for Kids

Secret Santa is a popular game for Christmas and a party favourite. It is one of the best Christmas celebration ideas for kids where they practice sharing and giving. You could arrange Secret Santa parties for your kid and their friends, or can make your kid a Secret Santa at an orphanage to spread happiness with the needy.

6. A Letter to Santa

Christmas celebration ideas for kids can be as simple as penning down a heartfelt letter to Santa. A little effort like writing a letter can go a long way. This letter will let your small one jot down his/her thoughts and bring to light his/her creativity. 

7. Creative Holiday Card Display

Christmas celebrations for kids can be simple yet cute. It is the season when there is no shortage of cards in your home. Why let them sit around the corner? Turn them into home decor items following this holiday card display idea. Create three tree branch garlands or purchase them online or from a shop and glue the cards to them. Now hang them one by one on hooks and show off all your Christmas cards to the guests.  


Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Now that you have enough Christmas party ideas for kids are you wondering about Christmas Gifts for kids?  Gifting on Christmas is special because it is for your immediate family and friends. Surprise them this Christmas with gifts that are useful and unique. Here we are listing some Christmas gifts for kids from TinyMinyMo that you can surprise them with.

1. Candy Glitter Notebook

Candy Glitter Notebook

Find cute gifts online for your daughter or sister like the Candy Glitter Notebook. It is useful for maintaining daily notes, to-do lists, writing wish lists, and much more. This glitter diary will add glam to their stationery collection. It comes with cute designs of an Icecream Cone, Lollipop, Heart, and Ice cream Shake.

2. Fruit Silicone sling bag

Fruit Silicone sling bag

If you are wondering what could be Secret Santa gifts for your kid’s friends look no more and get the quirky Fruit silicone sling bags. They come in different fruit shapes and can hold essential knick-knacks. They come with matching, detachable straps so they can be used as coin pouches too. Buy these cute gifts online and make Christmas gifts for kids cuter and special.

3. Carrot erasers

Carrot Eraser

Get the festivities going with cute carrot erasers for kids. These cute easers are popular among kids and anyone who likes quirky stationeries. They are perfect for return gifts at Christmas parties. You can pair them with other cute stationeries to make a return gift hamper. These cute carrot erasers come in a set of three.

4. Strawberry bottle

Strawberry Bottle

A good option for Secret Santa gift or return gift would be the Strawberry Bottle. Quirky gifts are popular among kids. This sipper bottle is made from food-grade ABS plastic and comes in different colours for both boys and girls. Gift these cute bottles to make Christmas celebration ideas for kids even more special.

5. Looney Tunes 3D keychain

Looney Tunes 3D Keychain

Looking for a budget-friendly idea for Christmas gifting 2023? Get these cute Looney Tunes 3D key chains to make kids happy. They can attach these quirky keychains to their bags which is a popular trend now. These are made of soft rubber and metal and add a cute touch.

6. Duck Sharpener

Boring, regular sharpeners may not excite your kids but these duck sharpeners might be enough to witness your kid’s gleeful smile. These cute and quirky stationery pieces can be your kid’s assistance in arts and crafts projects for kids' Christmas celebration ideas. Made of premium-grade material, the sharpeners come as a set of Baby Duck and Mummy Duck. Choose the duck colours in white, blue, and yellow. 

Duck sharpener



7. Plush Sheep 3D Keychain 

Welcome a fun, quirky touch to your kid’s Christmas celebrations by presenting this Plush Sheep with Bow 3D Keychain. Made of plush and metal, the bow comes in blue, red, and yellow. 

Sheep Keychain



 We are sure, all of these fun Christmas celebration ideas for kids will prompt you to go the extra mile and make the festival a memorable day for your little one. The Christmas Party Ideas for kids are easy to do and they are sure to enjoy these moments. Make Christmas special for them with these celebration ideas and unique gifts because they will always cherish the memories of time spent together!

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