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Gifts for Husband

Picking the ideal surprise gift for your husband can be a difficult task. A lot of us believe that finding gifts for husband can be more boring than finding one for women, however, with TinyMinyMo, it is going to be thrilling. Imagine if we told you that you could do much more for your husband than just get him a shirt, side bag, or pair of shoes. Don't worry, though—we've put up a list of incredibly unique gift ideas for your husband that will make him feel special. Decide which of these gift ideas would be ideal for him now, without waiting!

Even though you now know your husband better than anyone, finding gifts for him still proves to be difficult. Because you have already given him a tonne of birthday and anniversary presents across the years, it still can be tough to find the perfect gift for hubby. There is still hope, thanks to TinyMinyMo. Read on to know about gift ideas for husband.



Gifting his favourite gift is a difficult task, but it is the perfect gift for your husband and who knows him better than you. So, we have curated a list of ideas from which you can pick the most suitable gift idea for your husband. TinyMinyMo has curated gifts for husband especially according to choice and personality. So, ready to show some love to your husband by gifting him “his type of gift”:

1. Bobbleheads

  1. Harry Potter Bobblehead: We have the ideal gift for all Harry Potter lovers: this adorably odd and eccentric Baby Harry Potter Bobblehead, which would be a lovely and considerate present for your husband. He can keep this in his car and remember you every time he is in the car.
  2. Avengers bobblehead: Is your husband the avenger in your life? Then you just found the ideal gift for your superhero. The ideal choice for you is a bobblehead, and to the fans' pleasure, these charming figures also function as a mobile holder with a hidden tray in the base.
  3. Star Wars bobblehead: If your husband also wants to free the galaxy after watching Star Wars or wants to live in the fictional story of Star Wars, then this is the perfect gift for him.

         Avenger Bobblehed  Avenger Bobblehead   Harry Potter bobblehead

2. Keychains

  1. Spiderman pocket watch keychain: Introducing this stunning Spiderman Pocket Watch Keychain, which will make your husband get in love with you all over again. This Spiderman Pocket Watch Keychain is packaged in a lovely box and is the ideal present for him. It may be given at any time, for any reason.
  2. Tom & Jerry 3D keychain: Are you and your husband also like the perfect Tom and Jerry couple? Then you have to give him this cute Tom and Jerry keychain that he can attach to his keys or bag to remind him of the cute banter that you guys have all day.
  3. Friends - Door frame keychain: Is Friends the favourite show of your husband and you? Do you guys binge-watch on a series night? If yes, then gift this friends door frame keychain to make him remind of the lovely time he spent with you while watching it.

 Spiderman Pocket watch.Tom and jerry keychainFriend's door keychain


3. Mugs

  1. Camera mug: If your husband enjoys taking photos or being photographed, then these adorable pink camera mugs with 3D lids and spoons are ideal for him. Make his life enjoyable by giving him one of these mugs, which also includes a spoon for stirring liquids and a 3D camera on the lid. He might just end up capturing both of your lovely moments with each other.
  2. Star Wars 3D Mug: It is a sturdy, strong 3D mug that includes a lid. Support your passion for Star Wars or give it to your husband who shares a similar passion as yours. Your husband can use it for drinking coffee or to keep his stationery close to his work desk.
  3. Donut mug: What better way to pave your way to your husband’s heart than a food dish or a food-themed product? This cute little donut mug is a unique husband gift from wife that will surely surprise him. The mug is donut shaped and is made from ceramic.

 Camera Mug   Starwars 3D Mug   Donut Mug 


4. Sippers/ Tumblers

  1. Bear bottle: Looking for a sweet birthday present for your husband? Consider purchasing this cuddly bear bottle to ensure that they do not forget to stay hydrated. Use this really fashionable bottle to enjoy your favourite drinks while showing them off in style.
  2. Quote travel tumbler: Fulfill your husband’s everyday needs of hot coffee or tea while he travels with our Cute And Magical Tumbler.  The drink will retain heat for a while even if you add hot coffee, tea, or any other beverage. It is the ideal gift for your guy and is travel-friendly thanks to the tumbler cap!
  3. Space and astronaut sipper: Drinking from this sipper bottle is more enjoyable because of the attractive galaxy decorations and the 3D astronaut figurine in the lid. This bottle is perfect for your husband when he is rushing late for work and will need to carry his drinks with him because of its travel-friendly quality and substantial capacity.

Bear Bottle  Quote Travel Tumbler       Astronaut Sipper

5. Lamps

  1. Cinematic lightbox-heart: Are you trying to think of a distinctive method to tell your loved ones something lovely? Use this wonderful Heart Cinematic Lightbox to express yourself. Ideal for any living or sleeping area. Revive your love spark by gifting this to your husband on a random date.
  2. DIY Astro Rocket Night Lamp: A uniquely made night lamp that will capture your love for your husband in its Astro rocket and deliver it to him completely safe. Get your hands on this adorable rocket night lamp.
  3. Future star trophy LED Lamp: Cheer up your husband with this “future star” LED lamp on his bad days. Let him know you believe in him and support him no matter what.

 Cinematic Light Heartbox   DIY Rocket Lamp   Trophy Mug       

6. Quirky Stationery

Gifting only stationery products to your husband seems incomplete. Combine our stationery gifting options such as Aeroplane pen, Spiderman Notebook, Avengers notebook or Astronaut diary gift set with some other products from our website. Create a unique hamper for your husband and gift it to him to make his day special. We assure you that it will bring a wide smile to his face.

Aeroplane Pen   Spiderman Notebook   Avengers Notebook

7. Personal accessories

Want to gift a combo of quirky accessories that will fulfil your husband's everyday needs? This will steals his heart more as he will get to know how much you care for him. You can try creating a unique gift hamper that includes amazing products from TinyMinyMo. Based on the requirements, surf through our collection. We would suggest you include a Plush owl eye mask, Astronaut mobile holder, Ace bottle opener, Leatherite boxes, Netflix & chill socks & many such cute accessories.

Astronaut Mobile Stand   Ace Card bottle Opener   Netflix and Chill Socks



Your husband is your best friend before being a husband. He is the one to whom you can call or go anytime. You know he will be there for you in your happiness as well as sad times. You can truly rely on him despite the many ups and downs that your marriage goes through. Showering your love and appreciation towards him is a part of a healthy relationship. TinyMinyMo is an online gifting store full of cute & quirky gifts. Make him feel special by gifting him his favourite gifts from TinyMinyMo.

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