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Harry potter gifts

Harry Potter has been a major part of most of our lives and there’s no doubt about that. From the exciting books to the beautifully adapted movie series, the Wizarding World has left no opportunity to steal the hearts of people. And, no doubt, there’s always a Potterhead who cannot stop gushing about their favourite Golden Trio and how amazing it would be if they too were a part of this magical world.

Whether you’re a diehard Potterhead or have always been surrounded by one, you know just how excited one gets with Harry Potter themed gifts. There can never be enough. After all, magic is forever gushing through their veins.

Welcome to the Wizarding World, where all your magical needs will be met. Grab some Floo Powder and come join loads of other wizards in shopping for some amazing Harry Potter themed gifts. Be it looking for Harry Potter birthday gifts, Harry Potter gifts for women, men, children and all Potterheads alike, this blog is here to take you into a magical journey to help you list down some unique gift ideas for Harry Potter fans. Think of it as the Marauder’s Map. So, say ‘'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’ and unlock all the secrets there are to find right here.

Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Some Great Gift Ideas For Harry Potter Fans:

The cauldron is bubbling with some magical items for you to choose from. Browse through these Harry Potter themed gifts and pick the ones that you know your Potterhead friend is going to be happy with.

1] Harry Potter Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are quite trendy right now and a Baby Harry Potter Bobblehead can never go wrong when it comes to gifting a Potterhead. After all, who wouldn’t want to jam to their favourite songs with Harry Potter nodding his head all along and turning it into the perfect jam session? We’re sure that the Potterhead you gift this bobblehead to will be super happy about your idea. If you especially want some unique Harry Potter birthday gifts, then a Harry Potter Bobblehead is your saviour. Your friend will get to go on magical adventures with the Golden Boy, and they will thank you all your life.

Harry potter bobblehead     Harry potter bobblehead


2] Harry Potter Keychain & Pocket watch

What are keys when you have Alohomora to unlock all your doors for you? But alas! The muggle world does not allow for such simplicity, after all. So, a Harry Potter 3D Keychain  along with Harry potter pocket watch is yet combo that can be a perfect  gift idea for Harry potter fans who want to keep all their doors unlocked and keys organised in one place. Because fishing out their wands in place of keys would create some chaos with the muggles, and we wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Harry Potter keychain   Harry potter pocket watch


3] Harry Potter Lapel Pin

Want to ward off the death eaters from wreaking havoc in the muggle world? Then wear this amazing Harry Potter Lapel Pin to represent your loyalty to Hogwarts and scare them away. Voldemort’s out of business anyway, so you and your friends can make sure another You-Know-Who does not start assembling his minions. Plus, if you’re hosting your very own Slug Club type of party, these lapel pins are a great return gift option. Slughorn may not have thought so far, but you can! Pick these as your return gift ideas for the Harry Potter party and have a blast with some pumpkin pasties and butterbeer.

 Harry Potter Lapen Pin   Harry potter lapel pin

4] Harry Potter Mug

Mad-Eye Moody (or should we say Barty Crouch Jr.?) He hid his polyjuice potion in his flask, but you can do the same with a Harry Potter Hogwarts Mug. Besides, who would suspect what you and your friends are upto if you sip casually from the Wizarding School’s themed mug? Even if that’s not the case, you can test out your freshly brewed potions in your favourite Harry Potter 3D Ceramic Mug. Or perhaps you can enjoy a nice mug of butterbeer with your friends in your house’s common room after class ends. Bring the Three Broomsticks to your friend's location and give them a fantastic Harry Potter Sorting Hat Mug to start their day with magic and butterbeer.

Harry potter hogwards 3d mug   Harry potter sorting hat mug             

5] Harry Potter Notebook

Have you got a Hermione Granger in the making? Do you also get corrected on 'It's leviOsa, not levioSA!'? Then this Harry Potter notebook makes the perfect harry potter related gifts option. Whether it’s taking over the reign of the Half-blood Prince’s notes and making a whole new secret potions book or writing down common spells to keep them handy, this notebook is the perfect option for both. Perhaps, you can even list down your harry potter gift ideas for all the diehard Potterheads around you.

Harry potter notebook    Harry potter notebook                                             

Bottom line, there’s never a wrong choice when it comes to picking the right Harry Potter gifts for a Potterhead. They’ll love whatever you give them as much as Ron loves his food. So, whether you use the Floo Powder or apparate right into this Diagon Alley of magical unique gifts of the Wizarding World, rest assured that you’ll find what you are looking for. Visit TinyMinyMo for such cute gifts online and get a wide range of Harry Potter themed gifts to make your Harry Potter fans happy. Mischief managed!


1] What is the best gift for a Potterhead?

A1] The best gift for a Potterhead would be something they adore about the entire Harry Potter series. If they have a favourite character such as Harry Potter himself, then something like a Harry Potter Bobblehead would be the best gift option.

2] What to get a person who loves Harry Potter?

A2] There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking a gift for a Potterhead. If they identify with a specific Hogwarts house, then you can gift them their house-themed present. If they like stationery, then you can gift them Harry Potter themed stationery items. If they like jewellery, then something like the time turner necklace would win their hearts.

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